Cadbury’s Glass and a Half shop allows you to pay with your old knick knacks…

Cadbury is opening a Glass and a Half shop – a store with a giant difference… no money will be accepted! Instead you can swap your trinkets and knick-knacks for your favourite bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk. That means even an old plastic ring, forgotten keyring or an old button can be exchanged for a delicious bar of chocolate – time to get digging in those pockets!

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The one-of-a-kind newsagent will be stocked with a whole range of never before seen purple items which you would normally see in a corner shop – but the only item you will be able to buy will be a bar of Cadbury Dairy milk. There are 10,000 bars to give away over 4 days and the shop will be open between 10am to 6pm leaving you enough time to pop in on your lunch break or after work.

The purple newsagents is aiming to bring the latest Cadbury TV ad to life – celebrating generosity. In the advert it tells the tale of a young girl who enters a corner store to buy a bar od Cadbury Dairy Milk for her Mum’s birthday. As she’s never been to a shop alone before, she attempts to emulate what her Mum does and gets our her purse to pay, but it only holds a collection of small knick knacks. She tries to pay using these (which include a fake diamond ring and an old button) and the shopkeeper accepts, despite it putting him out of pocket. The girl leaves, happy, with a bar of chocolate for her Mum.
Watch the heartwarming ad here:

And don’t think if you don’t live in London you are missing out. As once the London Glass and a Half shop has closed, Cadbury will be opening more in Birmingham and Sheffield. Live further afield? Cadbury are creating a digital activation so no matter where you are you can get your own bar from their online newsagents in the same way as the real stores.

For more information please visit or tweet them at @CadburyUK using #glassandahalf.


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