Creme Egg lovers, head down to Old Street for an exclusive Creme Egg Camp

Creme Egg fans galore, tear yourself away from the search for the mystical white chocolate creme egg, for there’s much more “egg”citing Creme Egg news… the launch of a Creme Egg camp! For those of you who visited the Creme Egg Cafe last year, this is a similar event with delicious treats and things to do.

Billig itself as a ‘secret woodland hideaway’ the Creme Egg camp is set to open this Friday – January the 19th on Old Street. It will feature a host of fun areas to explore such as a forest, a campfire kitchen and even a tree house – yes a tree house right in the centre of London! They will also have an easter egg hunt on offer where you can track down new limited-edition eggs (and avoid unwrapping them in the centre of Tesco’s.)

Tickets will be available from midday today (15 January) for just £5 each from this EventBrite page. Around 80 people will be able to visit the camp per day, so be quick. You have to go with an adult if you’re under 16 though. If you’re unlucky enough not to get one – or forget to register, there are a limited number of walk in tickets too on the day.

Entry to the Creme Egg Camp is just £5 per ticket, with all proceeds going to the Prince’s Trust. With your ticket not only can you explore all areas, but you can also enjoy one treat from the camp (it’s a bit like I’m a Celeb but a lot more delicious.) The four delicious chocolately treats on offer include a Creme Egg cookie, a Creme Egg cake, a Creme Egg toastie (exactly what it sounds like – melted Creme Egg in a toasted sandwich) and a Creme Egg ‘Fongoo.’ This is a hot melted Creme Egg with fruit or breadsticks for dipping in. You only get one treat and are not able to purchase anything extra so if you wish to indulge, make your selection wisely!


Visit the Creme Egg Camp from the 19th January 2018 at Old Street London.

Buy tickets here


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