Wizardry fans stop what you are doing for we have news of a brunch that will stop you in your tracks quicker than Petrificus Totalus… A Harry Potter brunch party!

The Harry Potter brunch london will be hosted at ANOKHA on Saturday the 24th of February between 12pm and 5pm, you can enjoy a magical and enchanting brunch unlike anything you have experienced before. With a Harry Potter themed quiz (they will be checking for any cheating quills from Fred & George’s wizardry joke shop) to butter beer and a Great Hall brunch with some of the best scenes from the films playing int he background.

harry potter brunch london

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You are encouraged to dress accordingly – donning your best dress robes, Harry Potter esque glasses, Dumbledore beards and Hermoine Granger style geek chic.

Upon arrival, you will have to go through the nerve-wracking experience of being sorted into your house and throughout the event, you can earn yourself House Points, with a special prize for whoever turns up the best dressed.

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Tickets for the Harry Potter brunch London cost just £35, with the price including a delicious wizard themed brunch main and dessert, and a whole hour of bottomless BUTTER BEER (or prosecco).
You can share your favourite quotes from the Harry Potter series, practice your incantations and plan your next adventure – whether it’s defeating Voldemort, solving a wizarding world mystery or winning the TriWizard tournament.

This is sure to be a brunch, unlike anything you have experienced. So if you’re ready for a truly magical time, click here to book your tickets!

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

Where: Harry Potter brunch london Anokha 2 Creechurch Ln, London EC3A 5AY


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