Changing your living space doesn’t have to be difficult, you just need to think about the changes you want to make…

Updating your living space doesn’t have to be stressful, it can be done by making a few simple changes and by easily updating different items within the room. What was once a tired room can flourish and become a bright, atmospheric space that you and your guests can spend time in socializing. We have teamed up with Cult Furniture to bring you seven ways to update your living space and be proud to spend your time in…

Use framed prints 

By adding framed prints you can instantly brighten up any space and add a dash of character and personality. Use different shaped frames to add a quirky feel or create a feature wall to wow people as they walk in. Depending on the mood/style you want to present there is plenty out there to choose from, such as abstract art, typography, geometric art and motivational quotes.

Framed prints are becoming more and more popular which is why Cult Furniture offers a whole range of framed prints that are relaxing, colourful, bright and are great to display in any room. With zero effort your room can go from 0 to 100! Check out their full range of framed artwork.

Framed Prints Cult Furniture

Rugs make a big difference

A rug can change the feel of a room instantly and it doesn’t involve moving or changing too many things within your living space. They come in many designs making it easy to find something that will work for your room and will certainly freshen it up if that’s what you desire. Plus, if you don’t wear slippers they feel amazing on your feet!

When it comes to rugs, Cult Furniture has a whole range of on-trend designs that will freshen up and bring style to your living space in no time. Rugs may be the last thing you put in the room but Cult think they deserve a little more attention than that. Check out their range of modern rugs

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Cult Furniture Rug

Add colour and personalise your space 

If you have a room with a neutral colour palette it is easy to switch up the look without having to redecorate, simply by adding some brightly coloured accessories. Whether you choose to update with everyday items such as cushions or chairs, it’s a quick and easy way to give the room a refresh.

Cult Furniture has just launched its Moda collection which is a range of chairs that can be personalised to your liking.  You choose your shell, base and favourite colours to create your ultimate dining/office chair. It’s a great way to personalize your home space and add some of your favourite colours. See their full range of velvet chairs

Cult Furnitur Modal Range

Stylish coffee table

A coffee table is the first thing that most people see when walking into a room. It’s used every day and contributes a lot to the feel of a room. If not updated regularly you can find that they soon become the most dated feature, which therefore presents a dated room. Invest in a modern coffee table and decorate it with minimalist items such as big interior or fashion books, plants or photo frames.

Coffee Tables are a big deal at Cult Furniture which is why they stock a wide selection of the best designer coffee tables. No matter the shape they will be able to source the best coffee table to suit your needs. Check out their range and invest in a modern coffee table.

Cult Coffee Table

Think about adding cushions 

Until you have some cushions in your room, you will never understand the difference they make! You can modernize your living space within a couple of minutes just by purchasing some on-trend designs. Keep your cushions constantly on trend by having different designs that you rotate through the seasons, so when winter or summer comes back around you can instantly spruce up the space without having to head out and purchase anything new.

In the mind of Cult Furniture, cushions are the shoes and handbags of a home. Whatever the room you are decorating their cushions will bring a breath of fresh without having to lift a finger, the perfect way to update your living space. Check out their range of funky cushions

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Cult Furniture living space CushionsAccent with shelving units 

Not only do shelving units help display ornaments but they also banish clutter and make your living area a brighter and more appealing space. If you want to brighten up your room purchase some colourful books along with small framed prints, being sure to keep it simple. Try to decorate your shelves with items you regularly use, that way you don’t spend your time dusting away.

A home wouldn’t be a home without stylish shelving units (as long as they are not cluttered that is)! Cult Furniture offers a whole range of shelving units from standalone to wall shelves. Make sure to view their full range of shelving units when you update your living space.

Cult Furniture Shelves living spaceBrighten the room with room lighting 

When it comes to adding some atmosphere and ambience to your living space, lights can play a big part! There are so many options to choose from; a floor lamp can be an irresistible piece, pendant lamps are beautiful and brighten up task areas, table lamps transform the simplest of room and wall lamps can add that bit of special ambience to a room.

Lights can really make a difference in your living space which is why Cult Furniture has a large offering when it comes to different lighting. Choose from modern & contemporary lighting designs, retro designs and industrial lighting. Perfect for when you are wanting to update your living space. View their range of designer lighting

Cult Lighting living space

What tips would you give when you update your living space? Let us know in the comment box below…

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