Are you thinking of Sailing on MSC Meraviglia? Here are 10 things that we love about the ship…

Cruising is rapidly gaining in popularity – with what was seen as a holiday choice for an older generation, becoming a viable way to see the world no matter your age. Gone are the days where the highlights of cruising was the daily bingo session as the ships are getting more and more advanced, impressive and downright jawdropping. Recently, we went aboard MSC Meraviglia (you can read about our experience of MSC Megravilia’s Cirque du Soleil- show here) and fast fell in love with the ship. Find out just what it is that we love about MSC Meraviglia in our top ten highlights below…

What we love about MSC Mer

LED Sky Screen

Covering the entire ceiling of the central promenade is a unique offering from MSC Meraviglia – an 80m LED “sky screen”! Proven to be the longest LED dome at sea, it constantly changes its visual appearance throughout the day depending on what events are happening. Expect to see everything from sunrises, sunsets and starry night skies, to Duomo-style stained glass – all creating a magical experience as you walk through the promenade.

MSC Cruises LCD Screen

Cirque du Soleil

MSC cruises have a unique partnership with Cirque du Soleil allowing them the exclusive rights to perform onboard Meraviglia. Performing six nights per week, with two unique shows in a custom built, intimate setting, this takes cruising entertainment to breathtaking new levels. If you want to make the occasion even more special you can upgrade to their three-course dinner show package where each dish correlates with the show you are watching.

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Polar Aqua Park

Whether you have children with you or are just a big kid yourself, you are going to love the Polar Aqua Park. A popular part of the ship, it boasts three large water slides, a Himalayan bridge, a shallow play area with water cannons and so much more. On sea days you can spend hours whirling down the slides while taking in the sea views and spending time with the family.

MSC Cruises Aqua Park

Mozzarella made on the ship

Love your cheese? Then you are going to be in heaven aboard MSC Meraviglia! The Mozzarella is made fresh on board the ship in front of your own eyes in the Marketplace. You can watch the process from start to finish and then enjoy tasting it yourself – great for any aspiring chefs or cheese lovers! It’s a great way to feel more immersed with the food offerings on board and experience something a little different!

Msc Cruises Yacht Club Mozzarrella

Big kids entertainment (and for the young ones too)

Who says entertainment is just for kids? MSC Megravilia have ensured their on-board offerings provide more than enough to bring out the child in us and ensure adults have just as much fun as their younger counterparts. You can race on a Formula 1 virtual-reality simulator, bowl on two full-size bowling alleys, explore the virtual reality playroom and have a go on a rope sky trail. For those who want to keep active, be sure to head to their large indoor sportsplex where you can play sports and games during the daytime, then socialise, party and dance the evenings away.


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MSC Cruises Bolwing

MSC Yacht Club

The Yacht Club is a private club where only members who have purchased yacht club rooms are allowed. MSC call it a ship within a ship, a place where exclusivity is at its max – and that it is. Not only will you enjoy access to the entertainment of the whole ship, you will also have your own private restaurant (all inclusive), private pool deck with a swimming pool and whirlpool baths and your own lounge with panoramic views. If you like your exclusivity, the yacht club offers this and so much more to make your cruise a truly special experience.

Msc Cruises Yacht Club

Pool Space

If pool space is a concern of yours then fear not, MSC Meraviglia has this covered. With numerous different pools, the only stress is deciding which one to go for! Their Atmosphere pool has a large cinema screen to watch whilst sunbathing or swimming, the Horizon pool is ideal for more open-air deck space for sun worshippers, whilst the Bamboo pool has a moveable glass roof allowing you to swim whatever the weather. There are also a number of jacuzzis and hot tubs on board, so if your pet hate is (like ours) not having enough tubs to relax in, you are not going to worry about that on this ship!

MSC Cruises Pool

Aurea Spa 

If a spa day is your thing then a trip to the Aurea Spa is a must on your Meraviglia Cruise. The luxurious Balinese spa offers 19 different massages, 18 body treatments and 26 facial treatments as well as a thermal area, beauty salon and nail boutique. If you are need of a good pampering this is the place to be on your cruise.

MSC Cruises Spa

Cabin for Families 

Do you like to cruise with other families? New to MSC and for the first time ever you can now book into their ‘Cabin for Families’ rooms. Capable of accommodating up to 10 people, these cabins are joined together offering separate bathrooms, balcony’s and a large space for families to socialise before heading out around the cruise ship.
Please note: The ‘Cabin for Families’ rooms are only available with the Fantastica Experience.

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MSC Cruises Family Rooms

The Restaurants

When it comes to deciding where to eat on MSC Meraviglia you are spoilt for choice! In fact, if you are cruising for a week you would be hard pushed to dine in every establishment, considering there are 12 different restaurants to dine in. And that’s not even touching the places you can snack in (You have to try the first chocolate atelier and creperie at sea). If you like Steak, Fish, Cheese, Pub dinner or Italian – they have it all covered.

MSC Cruises Restaurants

To find more information about MSC Meraviglia click here, or if you are looking to learn more about MSC as a company you can here.

These are the 10 these that we love about MSC Meraviglia! What do you love about MSC Meraviglia? Let us know in the comment box below…


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