For anyone who has ever wanted to go on safari, we’ve found an experience that will take all your previous expectations and throw them right out the water – a flying safari…

Heritage Hotels are offering a transformative trip to the Masai Mara with a brand new five day flying safari this year. Start the day with early morning sunrise game drives, spend the day flying across the rolling golden grasslands and spend the nights in the bush to tap into all senses and be surrounded entirely by nature. The camp offers a luxurious and relaxing setting and has the best ecological practices, with trained naturalists providing you with the history and understanding of the most remote areas of Kenya. Forget the worries, hustle and bustle of city life and discover a whole new you…

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flying safari heritage hotels

Five Nights in the bush

Fly to two of Africa’s greatest game reserves and witness the wonders of Samburu and the world famous Masai Mara. Spend the evenings camping in the luxurious outdoor tents across three wilderness locations, Norfolk, Samburu Intrepids and Mara Intrepids. The 30 luxury tents are spread across a large riverside site to ensure you optimum privacy and peace. Each tent is furnished in the classic style of the grand African safaris, with large four-poster beds and elegant wooden furniture, complimented with contemporary facilities. Samburu Intrepids is a peaceful camp, deliciously cooled by the river breeze and the forest. Each tent sits on a shady raised platform overlooking the river with a secluded view of passing elephants and the occasional crocodile lounging on the river bank.

flying safari heritage hotels

The Big Five

Mara Intrepids is a short drive from the Mara River, where more than a million wildebeest and zebra make their perilous migration crossing every July and August. For the remainder of the year, the trained safari guides go the extra mile to showcase some of the world’s finest game viewing, with large local populations of plains game including bushpig, springbox and ostrich as well as elephants, rhinos, buffalos, and all of the Big Cats. Samburu Intrepids looks out over riverbanks where herds of elephant, buffalo and zebra come daily to drink, together with the rarer ‘northern species’ of reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx and long-necked gerenuk antelope.

flying safari heritage hotels

Fulfill your Five senses

Start the day with a sumptuous bush breakfast after a morning capturing the wildlife appear in the sunrise. Take in the beautiful surroundings and watch the day come alive. You are encouraged to immerse yourself in the local culture to further your understanding of the local community, such as the customs of the Samburu tribesmen. At the end of an adventurous day relax under the stars around the wood burning moonlight campfire and listen to the peaceful jungle noises.

flying safari heritage hotels

What could be a better way to discover you and discover wildlife unlike anything you’ve seen before in a life changing flying safari experience?

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