The time has come to spruce up your garden ready for those summer Instagram photos…

It’s that time of year again: the weather is warming up, the days are growing longer, and the gardeners of Instagram are getting their outside spaces spruced up for the summer. As anyone who spends time scrolling through Instagram will know, an inviting garden full of bright colours, plants, soft lighting, and unique or quirky features is a sure-fire way to win followers and rake in some serious likes.

So, if you think your outdoor area needs a bit of TLC before it’s worthy of a spot on your Instagram feed, we’ve got you covered. Just keep reading to learn five unusual ways you can get your garden ready to wow your followers.

Create an outdoor lounge space

A comfy and inviting seating area is a must-have in any garden. Not only will it make your outdoor area look the part, but it will also make it a space you can use for entertaining, relaxing and dining. But, if you want your garden to be a sensation online, your furniture needs to be more than just functional — it should make a statement, too.

If your budget won’t stretch to a completely new set of furniture this summer, you can easily give your old tables and chairs a quick makeover with a lick of vivid paint. Cuprinol’s selection of brightly coloured weatherproof paint will give tired wooden furniture a new lease of life. Try a bold coral pink or sage green shade for a look that’s sure to go down a treat with your followers.

Add an outdoor rug for a cosy feel

If you don’t have a deck or lawn in your garden, it might feel rather plain or unwelcoming. Adding an outdoor rug to your seating area will instantly spruce up a paved or concrete garden and will add a comfortable feel underfoot if you like to kick off your shoes on warm days. This selection of patio rugs from Rugs Direct includes bold, Instagram-friendly geometric designs, and they’re all hardwearing enough to be used outdoors. Just remember to store them indoors when not in use.

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Cult Furniture Rug

Add soft, photo-friendly lighting

Nothing makes a space look more inviting than some soft lighting. Fairy lights are versatile, affordable, and always look fabulous on Instagram: try stringing some over your seating area, or winding them around the stem of a parasol. Not only will they make your outdoor area look extra stylish, but they’ll ensure your garden is a space you can use after dark, as well.

If you’ve got a bit more space, you could even consider hanging a string of lanterns overhead: brightly coloured Chinese paper lanterns are currently a very fashionable way to brighten your space, and they’re sure to light up your Instagram account, too. To stay safe, illuminate yours with some battery-operated tea lights instead of traditional candles.

Outside Space

Use unique decorative accents

Adding a unique ornament, statue or statement accessory to your outdoor area will create an eye-catching focal point you can use when taking shots for your online images. And, not only will a couple of quirky statues and statement pieces stand out on Instagram, but they’re sure to impress any guests you entertain in real life, as well.

The most unusual finds will often be second-hand items, so check out boot sales, antiques shops and salvage yards to see what you can find. Gardeners with more space could even consider using an old bicycle as a statement feature: try growing some climbing ivy or flowers along the spokes and handlebars, or using the basket as a planter.

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Add colour and greenery with containers

Many people assume you need a large outside space to start growing plants and shrubs, but that’s not the case. Even paved city gardens can benefit from some greenery and a few colourful flowers, regardless of how much room you have. Container gardening is ideal for beginners, and you can do it in almost any garden — even tiny terraces and city balconies.

To start an Instagram-friendly container collection, go for stylish pots in bright summery shades, and try to stick to a consistent colour scheme when choosing your blooms, as this will keep everything co-ordinated. If you’re not sure you’ve got the time to care for real flowers and plants, you might want to consider artificial versions, instead. This selection of outdoor plants from Blooming Artificial will bring colour to your garden all year round, and your followers will never be able to tell they’re not the real deal.

Garden Plants

As the summer draws near, it’s definitely worth treating your garden to a few stylish updates. Not only will a flourishing, inviting garden impress on Instagram, but you’ll have a more welcoming space to enjoy with family and friends, too.

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What do you do to make your garden look Instagram ready? Let us know in the comment box below… 


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