Ibiza Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat with Chaya Yoga Retreats – Exclusive Seen in the City discount

Join Chaya yoga for 7 days of stretching, sunshine, delicious food, rest and rejuvenation and start your summer in the best way possible. And we have an exclusive discount – just quote SITC when booking!

Chaya Yoga Retreats

Stay in a beautiful private villa where you can enjoy twice daily yoga and guided meditation with Lizzy Bridges. Perfect your technique and learn new methods along the way. As well as this you can experience deeply healing treatments and massages with Judit Yague and sound baths for ultimate relaxation. You will have plenty of time to also just rest and reconnect with yourself and your surroundings.

Your food will consist of delicious gourmet, plant based menus with Chaya kitchen, ideal for a real detox.Chaya Yoga Retreat

Chaya Retreats

Aside from yoga you will get to explore the island with boat trips to exclusive hidden beaches, guided walks and so much more.

Chaya Yoga Retreat

The gorgeous private villa at Chaya yoga will create the perfect environment for your unravelling and re-setting, in body, mind and spirit. Featured as one of the Guardian’s best retreat companies of 2017, Chaya ypga combine hand -picked, exquisite locations, with world-class practitioners and next-level gourmet plantbased foods. Each experience has a unique focus or intention; with this one being all about trusting and ‘going with the flow’… In order to allow magic to enter your life and transform it in unexpected ways!Chaya Yoga Retreat

Chaya Yoga Retreat

The Chaya yoga community is one of the most wonderful and unique aspects of the retreat. With over 50% ‘Chaya Fam’ aka returning guests on every retreat, the relaxed, fun yet down to earth breaks, are open to everyone. And one of the best things they promote is making new friends and welcoming old ones.

There are two final spaces left and are offering a Seen In The City discount of £150 – just quote “SITC” when booking to save £150!

All the details can be found here:


Or email info@chayayogaretreats.com and quote “SITC”


  • Beautiful private villa accommodation at The Sanctuary
  • Twice daily yoga and guided meditation with Lizzy Bridges
  • Delicious, gourmet plant based menus with Chaya Kitchen
  • Sound baths and secret guided island walks
  • Boat trips to exclusive hidden beaches
  • Deeply healing treatments and massage with Judit Yague
  • Inspiring workshops with Chaya’s Lucy Hill
  • Space and time to rest and re-connect


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