If you’re heading over to Dallas, this is something you’re not going to want to miss out on – The VisitDallas Margarita Mile…

When you think of Dallas, you probably think of the TV show Dallas, BBQ’s and hot summers. What is probably not the first things to spring to mind is the frozen margarita. However that is all about to change. VisitDallas has staked the claim that they are the official home of the margarita mile, something they are celebrating their very own VisitDallas Margarita Mile – a collection of the city’s best and most brazen margaritas.

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VisitDallas Margarita Mile

This VisitDallas Margarita Mile is a collection of the best and brightest margaritas in the city, taking the conventional pub crawls and wine tastings and putting them on the back burner. The Margarita Mile will work via a colourful app to plan your journey and will keep you and your friends coming back time and time again to discover the diverse flavours of Dallas. We like to call it the ultimate margarita bucket list. And everyone wants to complete one of those right?

VisitDallas Margarita Mile

When speaking of the margarita mile, Frank Librio the VisitDallas Chief Marketing Officer said: “We’ve been boasting to visiting friends and family about the intrinsic virtues of the Dallas frozen margarita for decades, and now the Margarita Mile is here to back up our bragging!” “It was important for us to create a one-of-a-kind attraction for visitors, and our local residents, that is unique to Dallas.”

The margarita mile is ideal for locals, visitors and any margarita aficionado’s alike, all in the search of the best margarita the city has to offer. From downtown to uptown and out west, the team at Visit Dallas searched high and low for margaritas showcasing the best of Dallas’ diverse flavors.  The Wild Salsa goes spicy with pineapple and jalapeno; Matt’s Rancho Martinez summons the southwest with prickly pear puree; and Café Herrera’s sophisticated ’rita has blood orange and a black sea salt rim.

There are fourteen stops along the way, each offering a different margarita to try – the challenge is to try them all (responsibly of course!)

What are you waiting for? If ever you needed another reason to head to Dallas, let this be it…

VisitDallas Margarita MileVisit www.MargaritaMileDallas.com for more details, to download the app and to sign up for the exclusive VisitDallas Margarita Mile newsletter.


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