We catch up with Caroline Sande, the founder of stylish apparel brand Travel Eat Slay…

Travel Eat Slay – three words which evoke feelings of power, independence and a really good time. This is the name of apparel brand and travel blog ran by Caroline Sande, who started it with the aim to share travel experiences and experience global food cultures while expressing a fashion statement within a growing community of travellers. Travel Eat Slay have a range of tees to make part of your travel accessories for your next holiday. They are made from 100% Cotton and include vests, tank tops, hoodies and fitted tees all with the brands slogan to the front.

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travel eat slay interview

We caught up with Caroline Sande to talk all about why she started Travel Eat Slay and why she loves to travel…

Why did you set up your business?

To give young and trendy travellers something fashionable to travel with.

Where is the best and worst places you have ever travelled to and why?

The worst:
I went to Cuba in May the airline lost my luggage- I couldn’t enjoy my trip as I intended!

The best:
I Went to Arizona where I took a road trip with a few friends. We slept in Sedona one night and the next morning we drove down to the Grand Canyon. The views along the drive were colourful and breakthtaking. Seeing the canyon was truly a wonder and something out of this world. The trip continued with another drive to Las Vegas where we watched the Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil – a legendary musical show amongst other things. What happens in Vegas…

Summarise what is special about Travel Eat Slay in one sentence?

Travel with a statement  – the must have travel accessory.

travel eat slay interview

What challenges do you face in running your own business?

Finances. As my business is currently self funded I am restricted to how far I can grow until I have that capital. I also have to multi task a lot! I have to wear many hats from social media and promotion, to attending networking events and being the face of the brand.

What has been a career highlight for you?

Picking up the courage to leave my 9-5 job after 6 years to embark on my own business.

Have you got any advice for anyone hoping to travel soon?

Go for it. Whether it is a solo trip or group trip just book it. Do your research on the destination that you are going and have the best time of your life.

Check out Travel Eat Slay on their website here


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