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Brighton and Hove Therapies Intuitive Alignment Treatment

Brighton and Hove Therapies Intuitive Alignment is the ultimate path to utter bliss and wellbeing…

Brighton and Hove Therapies is a health and well being centre offering the best in massage, bodywork and talking therapies. Two of the practitioners, Kris Botterill and Kate Gowar have received a Highly Commended commendation in the Janey Lee Grace Platinum award 2018, and have only been open since May this year… so this truly shows just how good they are! The main focus of Intuitive Alignment, developed by Kris and Kate and offered uniquely at Brighton and Hove Therapies is on fully healing and restoring your body’s natural equilibrium by reviving your mind, body and soul collectively and in the most efficient way possible. This is done by combining multiple curative systems together in an aim to bring extensive peace, harmony and balance to your whole being.

Brighton and Hove Therapies Intuitive Alignment Massage

We headed down to Brighton and Hove therapies try their renowned and bespoke Intuitive Alignment Treatment.


Brighton and Hove Therapies, 10 Fleet Street, Brighton.


Intuitive Alignment Treatment. This is a new, powerful treatment developed by Reiki attuned Kris Botterill and Kate Gowar. Two practitioners treat one client simultaneously using reflexology, Oriental acupressure techniques and massage for the feet, head and neck, using certified organic products as well as delicate crystal healing. Furthermore within this treatment you are also given highly healing Reiki work throughout

Good For

The Intuitive Alignment is a deeply restorative and relaxing treatment which works by concentrating on all levels of healing for the mind, body and soul – to promote ease and flow of our whole being. The integrative work of Reflexology pin points and releases energy, to formulate flow and restore balance back within the physical body. Mastering this with Reiki work also facilitates alignment with the mind and opens a higher intuitive awareness allowing stagnant energy, tension and old patterns to dissolve, working as a catalyst for greater change and development for self.

How Much & How Long

  • £125 for 75 minutes
  • £570 for 5 bespoke sessions


Firstly, having two therapists working at the same time, on the body, face and feet is utter bliss! The fusion of the Reflexology techniques, the energy balancing benefits of Reiki, foot and face massage along with a nourishing facial treatment – it’s the ultimate combination for ultimate body restoration and total relaxation.

There is also a consultation form before the Intuitive Alignment Massage. This allows both Kris and Kate to create and develop a bespoke treatment based on what your personal healing needs are, physically and emotionally. A closing consultation also takes place – a chance to discuss emotions that may have surfaced, transits, therapists comments and life tools to use for further post treatment healing. Angel card pulling was also integrated right at the end, which was a beautiful way to close.

You will leave your Intuitive Alignment at Brighton and Hove Therapies feeling blissful and blessed from head to toe, inside and outside.

Find out more about the Intuitive Alignment Massage at Brighton and Hove Therapies here.


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