Dorsett City hotel offers a stylish, luxurious and brilliantly located base, right in the heart of the city…

When it comes to a city break sometimes you want a base to explore and sometimes you want somewhere to indulge, to relax and unwind and to spend time in the room. For a Hotel that captures the latter and so much more, we recommend Dorsett City Hotel.

Dorsett City Hotel Review Londonq

Situated right next to Aldgate Station, the exterior of Dorsett City Hotel does little to give away the grandeur which lies within. It holds a largely glass façade – a hint towards the panoramic views from the bedrooms – but its boxy shape doesn’t look anything particularly special. As you enter the lobby the first thing that hits is that smell, what we like to call “The good Hotel smell.” It smells delicious, clean and luxurious and is a nod to what to expect through your stay. The décor is contemporary and grand and the staff friendly and polite. We are shown to the lift and whisked up to our room on the top floor of the Hotel.
The corridors are bright and plush and inviting and it is easy to find our room – the Dorsett junior suite with city view.

The Room

This room offers a real ‘drop your bags and run to the window action’ for the floor to ceiling glass offers so much to view. Soft carpet pads underfoot as you head to the glass to see the entire city moving and pulsing beneath you. Lights glitter, traffic moves and people jostle down below – it’s a great spot for people watching and just sitting back and letting city life go on around you.

Dorsett City Hotel London Review Dorsett City Hotel London Review

The décor of the room continues with that of the hotel. It is extremely well kept, not a single tatter or stain and you feel special. After all – isn’t that what booking a hotel stay is all about? Imbued with delicate Chinese influence, the suite is stylish and welcoming, contemporary and cosy and offers not only a place to set your bags, but a place to unwind and to remember. A place to pour a glass of bubbly and recline on the couch in one of the white dressing gowns and slippers.

Dorsett City Hotel London Review Dorsett City Hotel London Review AldgateIt is split into an open-style lounge and bedroom area with an area for daytime relaxing and nighttime sleeping. A television in each area offers a place to watch a film with a cup of tea or to turn on the music when getting ready to hit the city. Décor is classy and elegant and the dressing table the perfect space to get ready in an evening. The bathroom is made from marble and while there isn’t a bath, the shower is a welcome respite after a busy day.

To eat

Dining wise you can choose between Jin Bo Law -the roof top bar, Shikumen – their Chinese restaurant and VQ – the brasserie style eatery. We opted for VQ – part of a group of 24 hour restaurants dotted round the city. And yes, you can even get eggs benedict at 3am.

VQ aldgate dorsett city hotelIt’s the perfect choice for city dining where you want to explore the city, let the sights, sounds and experiences transport you, and not have to worry about being back in time for dinner. And when a polystyrene container of greasy chips won’t do at the end of a night out, VQ is there to offer something a little more substantial. Dinner wise, it’s great British grub; comfort food in the sized portions that make you glad you’re eating out. It’s unpretentious and blissfully simple without being dull. Choose a juicy burger with cheese, onions and a fried egg, battered fish and chips, a chicken kiev, salads and a whole range of pasta dishes. Sides include the likes of truffled potato crisps with blue cheese dip, mac’n’ cheese, sweet potato fries and garlic bread. Desserts wise, it is again a menu peppered with British influence – apple crumble and custard, banoffee pie, sticky toffee puddings and a hot chocolate brownie. You leave VQ feeling comfortably full, top buttons undone and ready to roll to the adjoining bar for a cocktail or glass of wine from their selection.

The Area

Location wise, there is plenty to do in the area including a nearby Dirty Martini, the Sky Garden and City Z. It is a great area to just wander round after dinner (trust us, you’ll be grateful to wear off the indulgent food you’ve just had) and take in the atmosphere.

The Verdict

Dorsett City Hotel in Aldgate is a Hotel that offers everything you could want, for any sort of break. It is a romantic destination for an anniversary, a vibrant pit stop for a girls weekend away or a place to impress the in laws on a long weekend. It marries together style and functionality without compromising on either. And if that’s not enough, the views alone are enough to make you keep coming back time after time.

Dorsett City Hotel – Aldgate
9 Aldgate High St, London EC3N 1AH


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