Add these five 5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products to your makeup bag and do good for the environment as well as your skin…

With more and more of us becoming more aware of the impact that our beauty essentials are having on the planet, it is becoming increasingly easier for us to find eco-friendly beauty products that are not only kind to the planet, but also to our skin.

The number of brands which are backing this new revolution is increasing daily, with many big brands offering environmentally friendly beauty and cosmetic products. With more brands using earth-friendly ingredients, these products are becoming more popular and readily available. Whether you are trying to reduce your single-use plastic consumption or want to avoid products which are tested on animals, there here are 5 eco-friendly products which you need to add to your collection.  

Juice Beauty Age Defy Moisturiser

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Juice Beauty is a California-based brand which has won the hearts of many loyal celebrity fans, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson. Juice Beauty opts to use nutrient-rich juices instead of the typical chemicals that so many other brands use, as well as natural ingredients including grape, apple juice and aloe vera.

Their extremely popular Age Defy moisturiser is proven to smooth and brighten skin and is suitable to use on all skin types, apart from sensitive skin as the natural fruit acids may irritate some skin types. Using malic acid, which is found in green apples, the Age Defy moisturiser helps to smooth and even out skin tone and texture.
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Au Naturale Eternity Lipstick

5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Au Naturale is dedicated to starting a clean beauty revolution, which makes the brand so much different than other natural cosmetic companies. Each and every ingredient that is used is scrutinised before it is included within any formula or product. Only ingredients which are healthy, ethically sound and naturally sourced make it into the final product.

All Au Naturale products are non-toxic, gluten free, vegan friendly and paraben-free. The products are created to be refreshing and irritant-free to keep your skin healthy. Their classic collection of lip colours and shades are created to suit every woman and are long-lasting and rich in colour.
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The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes

5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

With more and more widespread bans coming into place for single-use plastic, a lot of facial wipes are facing the ban thanks to the impact they have on landfill sites. Wet wipes are usually made up of non-biodegradable materials, including polyester, which means that they can take well over 100 years to break down.

The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Face Wipes are made using community trade tea tree oil from Mount Kenya and they are completely biodegradable. A wide selection of The Body Shop products are vegetarian and their face wipes are vegan-friendly.
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Wish Upon A Sparkle Cosmetic Glitter

5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Everyone loves a bit of glitter, especially in the run up to Christmas. With almost all stores stocking up on glittery things for the festive period, there is a widespread and very serious threat which comes with mass glitter use. Glitter is part of the microplastic family, which means that it ends up polluting our water systems, oceans and eventually aquatic life after each and every use.

With awareness of plastic pollution becoming mainstream news, more eco-friendly plastics are becoming available for product and cosmetic use. Wish Upon A Sparkle have introduced their range of environmentally friendly glitter which is made from cellulose, which is entirely compostable and naturally breaks down after use.
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PHB Ethical Beauty All In One Mascara

5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products

Did you know that there are perhaps hundreds of different chemicals in your mascara tube which can potentially be harmful? As well as the majority of most mascara packaging being made from 100% plastic, the ingredients and chemicals which make mascara are being washed into our waterways each time we wash our face.

Luckily for the environment, eco-friendly mascara is becoming more common, making this a must in our list of 5 Eco-Friendly Beauty Products. PHB are a family run business that sell and create their range of ethical and vegan cosmetic products. They have a strict no palm oil policy in place and all of their products are made from 100% naturally sourced materials. Once you’ve finished with the packaging, just pop it into the recycling. Their All In One mascara is a huge hit within the beauty industry and has won many awards and magazine features.
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