Next time you head to London, shun typical hotel rooms for your own suite at Nevern place – a stylish and practical alternative…

While the notion of staying in apartments in London is far from new (there are around 64,000 apartments and rooms for the city listed in Airbnb) Supercity Aparthotel offers a more formal alternative, yet it still feels like home. The areas are pristine and airy, there are no mismatched plates in the cupboards, nor the shadow of a more permanent existence from those that call the residence their home. Nevern Place is one such example; housed in one of Kensington’s earliest Victorian townhouses.

Nevern Place London Supercity aparthotel

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There is a swift elevator journey to the second floor of Nevern Place where you are greeted with a pristine white door. Push this open and you are standing in a beautifully bright and airy hallway, a single mirror against the far wall. The living space is muted in tone, with shades of sleek greys and white. Splashes of colour are provided by gold-toned cushions and dining chairs and an artfully placed fruit bowl filled with multicoloured apples. There’s a small kitchenette in sophisticated black and grey tones, with a definite emphasis on function – everything has its place without looking cluttered and it’s surprising just how practical you can be with such a small space.

Nevern Place London Supercity aparthotel

Head to the living area of Nevern Place and you can kick back onto the plush sofa with a glass of wine, watch a cosy film on the TV, or peer out the window to the streets below. There is plenty of wardrobe space which is ideal if you plan on staying a few nights and also more than enough hangers to keep your clothes tidy. A mobile phone is available for you to take out with you for free calls and Wi-Fi and is also packed with plenty of information about the area and things to do should you get stuck for inspiration. The bed is luxuriously comfortable, ideal for stretching out on after a busy day in the city and the central location makes this a perfect choice to do just that. Earl’s Court station is less than five-minute walk away and there are a plethora of buzzing restaurants, pubs and shops to explore if you want to stay within the area.

Nevern Place London Supercity aparthotel

Nevern Place is a home away from home but with a bit of zhushing up. It’s cosy and it’s homey, but it’s also peppered with luxurious features. Every inch of the space is meticulously designed but without feeling over the top. It offers a place to relax and unwind, a place to get ready for a night on the tiles and a place to languidly sip coffee as the world passes by below. Next time you’re heading to London forgo a Hotel room and instead opt for a Supercity Aparthotel – you won’t regret it.

Nevern Place Supercity Aparthotel
27 Nevern Pl


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