Top Tips on How to Create a Sustainable Wardrobe

ethical fashion sustainable wardrobe

Read our top tips to create a sustainable wardrobe and do your bit to help the environment and prevent waste…

As fashion industry advances, so do the negative impacts on the planet caused by manufacturing. Though it might seem like manufacturing clothes wouldn’t damage the environment, it’s creating major problems that need to be addressed. In order to keep up with fast fashion, materials such as cotton are produced using toxic chemicals to speed up the process, which is why organic cotton should be the preferred choice. If you’re finding yourself at a point where you want to make positive changes to your wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to play your part with a sustainable wardrobe which can lead to saving the planet from pollution.

Buy Ethical Clothing

Sundried Activewear
Sundried are an ethical clothing brand

Any brand that offers a sustainable alternative to the high street should be your first choice. Manufacturers can become a sustainable option in multiple ways, using organic cotton, donating their profits to charities, using profits to repair environmental damage and recycling. Any brand that offers an ethical alternative will tend to promote their motives which, in turn, spreads awareness about the cause they are supporting.

Further Research on Brands

The product itself isn’t the only way a brand can become ethical, for G-Star RAW, they have completely changed their logistics and transportation routine to help reduce their carbon footprint and is completely transparent about their progression. Though they still have room for improvement, they are setting the bar to which big fashion brands should be considering their future. For brands that you already like to purchase from, researching them a little further and seeing if they are moving in the right direction can play a major part in your future purchases.

Repair your Clothing

Buying ethical clothing isn’t the only way to create a sustainable wardrobe.If you have any clothing for example that has been slightly ripped, stitching it up and repairing the garment means that you’re not buying something new that was likely unnecessary. Avoiding a new purchase is just as beneficial as buying something ethical as the more you purchase, the more the brand will manufacture.

ethical fashion create a sustainable wardrobe

Justify Your Shopping

The majority of people enjoy shopping and wearing new clothes, but it’s come to a point where clothes are being replaced after being worn just once. Next time you’re out shopping for something you might actually need, make sure it’s something durable that you will want to wear multiple times, streamlining your wardrobe and buying products which are either sustainable or durable will be a positive step in the right directive in regards to preserving the planet.

Bonus: Donate Your Old Clothes

It might not be a way to create a sustainable wardrobe, but if you find yourself wanting to get rid of clothes, you should never throw them away. If the clothing is still in wearable condition, it’s best to donate them to a local charity shop, it takes a small portion out of your day and in return, you’re with helping a charity and also giving someone the ability to buy your old clothes rather than buying something brand new.

From sportswear to designer lingerie there’s a place for eco-friendly garments in every sector of the fashion industry, 5 minute of research into a brand or outlet will give you enough information as to whether it’s the right choice for your sustainable wardrobe.

What are your top tips for looking into a sustainable wardrobe?


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