We often take our health and wellbeing for granted, when really we should do all we can to keep ourselves functioning the best as possible. Which is why we have put together our top tips for taking care of your health in the long term…

We often treat our bodies as we might our car, or a trusted kitchen appliance: we expect it to do what is required and we don’t give too much thought to what might happen if it goes wrong. In fact, we probably take more care over preserving the health of our cars than we do over our own bodies.  We all know that smoking, drinking and over eating are bad for our health but have you given any thought to your long-term health and what you might do now to benefit your quality of life in the future? Developing healthy habits now is your best insurance against ill health.

Develop a fitness habit

Tom Tom Touch Fitness WatchFinding an exercise that you enjoy and turning it into a habit means that you are much more likely to stick to it.  For example, you might choose to take a regular walk after work whilst listening to music or an audiobook to help you unwind, or you might choose to do ten minutes of sit ups every evening whilst you watch television or join a yoga group with friends.  Regular exercise decreases your risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, improves your mental health and controls your weight.

Prioritise quality sleep

Perfection Pillow Reflex PillowShort term sleep deprivation will cause irritability and affect your productivity, if this develops into long term deprivation it can lead to mood disorders and depression.  Make sure that you are getting 7-10 hours of recharge time per night, and try to wake up at the most optimal time so you feel rested rather than groggy.  Rather than binge viewing Netflix, set yourself a reminder for the time that you want to go to bed.  Reading an old-fashioned paper book before bed is much more restful for your brain than the stimulation of a screen.

You are what you eat

Paleo Diet StudyHaving a balanced diet that includes all the food groups is important to everyone’s health.  Don’t cut out whole food groups, don’t be restrictive and always try and eat your recommended number of calories, you need this energy in order to function effectively.  Eating healthily, consistently, means you are less likely to develop dementia, cancer, diabetes and a wide range of other health problems.

Consider health insurance

healthy hairIf you do develop health problems, and it’s a very rare human being who doesn’t, then your best chance of recovery is to get treatment as quickly as possible.  Health insurance may seem like an unnecessary additional expense when you are healthy, but it could turn out to be the best investment you ever made.  If there is a history of critical illness in your family, such as heart conditions or cancer, you should explore the option of critical illness cover which could pay for treatment or cover loss of earnings should you be unable to work.

Don’t ignore your mental health

Tips for Taking Care of Your Health in the Long TermHealthy body, healthy mind, may be an age-old adage but the link between physical health and mental health is undeniable.  Stress is an unpleasant feature of modern life and you need to be aware of how well you are managing it.  Listen to your feelings and deal with them by talking them through with a friend or a therapist, keep a diary or practise meditation.

What are your top tips for taking care of your health in the long term? Let us know in the comments below!


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