Make Christmas Dinner simple with a Christmas Simplicity Box from Donald Russell…

When it comes to Christmas, it’s a day filled with fun, laughter, gifts, spending time with family, and of course the Christmas dinner. One of the most important parts of the festivities, this is often what the day revolved around, with a fat turkey, crispy roast potatoes and plenty of vegetables creating a meal that will go on to induce food comas all around the nation. It’s a meal that sets you up for changing into your pyjamas at 3pm, snuggling up with a tub of quality street and settling down to watch Christmas TV while you nurse your food baby. And while this is all good and well for those that get to enjoy the dinner, for those that have to cook it, it can be a rather different story. While other family members get to relax and play with gifts they’ve just received, the dedicated cook is left sweating and stressing in a hot kitchen, hair awry, Christmas novelty apron askew and racing round to check everything is prepped and cooked at the same time. There is wrestling with a whole turkey that they got out just a bit too late, chopping of carrots, peeling of potatoes and a multitude of other tasks. But what if we told you there was an easier way? A way where you could have a delicious dinner without all the hassle and stress, and one that tasted pretty damn good at that? Well there is. Let us introduce you to the Christmas Simplicity Box from Donald Russell – which does as exactly as it says on the tin – and makes Christmas dinner simple.

In fact, this delicious  box means you can have your Christmas dinner in an hour from frozen! A delicious  box packed with all you need for a Christmas dinner, it includes an award-winning slow cooked turkey crown with gravy, 3 packs of goose fat roast potatoes, 2 packs of Brussels sprouts with shallots and bacon, 2 packs of caramelised carrots, 2 packs of braised red cabbage and 16 pork chipolatas wrapped in bacon. Made to feed 5-7 people, what more could you need for a Christmas dinner?

Donald Russell Christmas Simplicity Box Donald Russell Christmas Simplicity Box

Donald Russell is one of the most renowned butchers in Scotland and holds a Royal Warrant, being renowned for the quality of their hand cut steaks and roasts. The quality of each and every morsel in this Donald Russell Christmas simplicity box is all you could imagine in a world- class roast, but from the comfort of your own home – and costs a lot less than taking a family of seven out for a dinner on Christmas day! It cuts down the stress and means you can focus on enjoying Christmas as it’s meant to be – filled with fun, laughter, family and a Christmas dinner you’ll never forget.

You can buy your Donald Russell Christmas simplicity box here and check out their other products here.


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