Top Fashion and Technology Trends Set for 2019 we can’t wait to see

Top fashion tech trends 2019

Look stylish and stay current with the top fashion and lifestyle trends set for 2019…

Technology is steadily influencing more and more aspects of our lives – and fashion is no exception. In fact, there are more ways now than ever to look flawlessly on trend while staying conveniently connected on the move. This is why we have put together some of the best new gadgets that are handy for a whole host of scenarios, to suit a whole variety of people. One of the main industries where tech and fashion collide is in business, where you often have places to be and deadlines to meet – taking the pressure on wearable tech up a notch. After all, while a wristwatch that counts your steps can be useful, it’s old news. But a stylish pair of voice-controlled sun glasses? Now that’s news. Here’s what’s to come in 2019…

Keeping an eye on things

First on our list has to be smart glasses. Whether you are researching a new product line or putting together ideas for a presentation, your thoughts are fleeting and often the hassle of searching things online whilst on the move means things get missed. 2019 will see the release of Amazon’s smart glasses (essentially an Alexa headset). Simply speak to Alexa and the reply will come into your skull via bone-conductive technology – no need for headphones. Snapchat Spectacles are also available, allowing you to film first-person style video and take pictures for your site on the move! You can use these smartglasss to do all sorts, such as calling for help with your business, without even having to pick up your phone. Saying you need help with an order, or something such as your website going down. No problem. Simply ask your glasses to ring an IT solutions company to let professionals take care of this or ask the glasses for a nearby company to head to. It’s never been easier to find help when you need it – without even having to lift a finger!

Speak the lingo (and hear the lingo, too)

Hearables look set to take hold in 2019, with at least one New York based company claiming to be close to rolling out a complete product (the company claims that initial units will be ready for shipment this summer, set to be dispatched to those who backed the fund-raising campaign – which, incidentally, raised a huge $4.5m). What’s a ‘hearable’? A handy Bluetooth style earpiece that not only adds appeal to your efficient and business-like sense of style, but also allows you to communicate with potential foreign business partners where that level of instant communication would otherwise be impossible or tremendously difficult to achieve (think about the cost of paying a translator, or the time you’d need to learn the foreign language yourself).

The usual suspects …

These days it feels like smartwatches have been around forever. Funny how a product that came onto the market in late 2014 already feels so established. That’s because smartwatches are everywhere. And for good reason. They count steps, they monitor your heart, they receive your message and emails and enable you to have your calendar right there on your wrist. Some have technology that detects when you’ve fallen and haven’t gotten up, triggering an SOS feature that sends out a message. Keep your eyes peeled in 2019 for ever more fashionable versions of this new standard in wearable tech!

Which tech are you most excited to experience in 2019? Let us know!


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