Drivy is a new car rental app that enables you to rent out your car and could make you thousands of pounds…

There could be many reasons you don’t have a car – whether you live in the city and rely on the underground or public transport to get around, the costs are just too high,or you live so close to everything you just don’t need one. And this is fine, but what happens when you want to go on a road trip somewhere and need a car? You rent one. But what if there was a car rental service that was much easier than your average large conglomerate company? And one that could mutually benefit those with cars that don’t always drive them? Well now there is. Let us introduce you to Drivy – the app being hailed as the AirBnb of the motor industry…

Range Rover Evoque SE

Drivy is a revolutionary new app that connect people who are looking to use a car for a few days, to those who aren’t planning on using theirs – in the same way as AirBnb users rent out their apartments. The app is super easy and simple to use, you simply log in, search for the location where you would like to pick the car up from and the dates you would like to use it and it will source cars for you. You then need to message the owner through their app and once they have approved you, it’s all go from there! Simply head down to the address on the day you’ve agreed on, pick up the keys from the owner and use the car as if it’s your own.

Drivy App

There are 100 mi/day included and your trip is fully insured by Allianz and covered by 24/7 roadside assistance with the AA. You can opt to pay for a reduced deductible for more peace of mind. Do be warned though that the rental price will be automatically adjusted if you’ve driven further than expected or didn’t refill the fuel tank, so be sure to take the car back as promised! There are over 2 million users of Drivy and their powerful vetting system means they ensure that each driver has the proper identity documents and driving licence before any rental. There are over 50,000 cars matching Drivy’s strict moderation policy which ensures they only have quality cars on the platform.
Range Rover Evoque SE
There are so many benefits to using Drivy – both to rent a car and to rent your own one out. As someone offering your car, you can potentially make thousands of pounds per year when your car would otherwise have been sat gathering dust on the driveway. One woman we spoke to said she pays off her car insurance with it each month as well as it covering extra costs such as her petrol. It’s a great way to make a bit of extra cash on the side, with minimal effort. Because you get to check out requests for your vehicle before you rent it out to someone, you also retain control over where it goes.
As someone who rents the car, it means you can spend less than a normal rental in a lot of cases where you go to a big company, saving you money. It also enables you to easily find a car near you, check the driver’s reviews before renting the car and means you can easily head off on road trips without any hassle if you don’t own your own car.
With more emphasis being placed on saving the environment, saving costs and being more economic, Drivy is ticking all the boxes. It’s easy, it’s useful and it enables those who need a car to rent one from those who don’t. It’s a good side-earner and effortless to use.
Download the Android app here, iOS app here and view the website for more information here.


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