Belstaff Re-Open Spitalfields Store in East London

Belstaff spitalfields

Leading fashion brand Belstaff are re-opening their Spitalfields store in East London as well as other exciting projects. We have all the information…

Alongside recently reopening one of their stores in London, Spitalfields on 19th February, Belstaff have also seen fit to undertake a hefty project and redesign all their other stores worldwide too. While many would perceive these moves to be a turbulent, desperate time for the popular fashion brand, it’s a strategic move employed by Belstaff to better what they’re already doing successfully.

Where other shops are closing down in bigger numbers than ever before, Belstaff are innovating and reopening left, right, and centre. The Spitalfields store on Lamb Street, London, was the first in the rollout. They’ve outfitted the shop for an effective community first approach, as well as meeting the ambitious demands for an immersive, interactive experience. It’s a cause for celebration rather than concern, and Belstaff understood this perfectly by introducing a three-day event that runs from February 21st to the 24th. It enables customers to get their jackets replaced, repaired and rewaxed at their leisure, showing not only a measure of marketable generosity, but genuine excitement and optimism on the firm’s part too.

Belstaff spitalfieldsThey’ve gone a different route in the decorative department too. Exposed brick, antique cabinets, and in-store café all boast that community first approach they’ve been marketing. While customers are used to hearing businesses say anything to get them through the door, in the Spitalfields store’s case, Belstaff have lived up to the hype. It’s modern, trendy and totally unique to what many of their competitors can even hope to offer. Of course, while much-desired Belstaff goods can be sought online, in the end it’s that warm consumer experience that keeps people coming back for more time and again.

Of course, Belstaff have also been redesigning all their other stores too. The Spitalfields store was only the start, as these features and aesthetics are soon to be replicated right across the board. Fans of the brand have a great deal to look forward too, so much so that the online world, while effective, can’t offer this level of service even. It’s a whole different experience. There’s an air of luxury and an eye for design, whereby being seen browsing in the Belstaff stores is just as good for your image as wearing the brand too!

The store redesign eradicates the clinical kinds of environments that many shops try to emulate. There won’t be one outdated piece of furniture or tacky draping found inside a Belstaff store in the future; everything that’s been placed has been placed there to further the appeal of the brand, albeit product or furniture. Additionally, all the goods for the redesign have been sourced from Britain, furthering that UK appeal that the Belstaff brand is famous for.

If that’s not enough, those visiting the Belstaff stores can even indulge themselves a coffee, or for the more adventurous, a full-blown gin and tonic in the shops high bar. This makes the store less a pitstop, and more a hub for fans of the brand to crowd within and socialise. It unifies the consumer base and gives the brand a friendlier image, which will do great things for the brand. People will be drawn in, feel compelled to stick around, and ultimately, make Belstaff a stronger firm, which is largely down to the store redesigns.


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