This Square Flower throw blanket perfectly blends comfort, style and luxury…


This Square Flower throw blanket is a beautiful addition to your home – both style and comfort wise. Crafted from 100% organic cotton and available in a classic light grey or a warmer cream and brown mix it is a versatile and stunning choice that you can snuggle under when the temperatures drop, or leave draped across the bed or sofa to bring some instant, layered texture.

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Adding an instant boost of cosy styling to your home. By draping this over the edge of your sofa you instantly make it feel warm and inviting and when the temperatures drop it in right on hand to snuggle under with a hot chocolate and watch a movie. It makes a beautiful addition to your bedroom on the end of your bed for easy access when curling up with a film in the winter, or as an accessory on an ottoman or window seat. 

Square Flower Throw


The thick, cotton knit of this blanket makes for a really nice weight that sits comfortingly upon the body. It is made from 100% organic cotton that keeps you warm during the winter months, but isn’t too hot when the weather turns warmer. It is also free from harmful chemicals from farm to the finishing product and is made in certified Fair Trade factories in India, using Fair Trade harvested cotton so ensures both the environment and the workers are treated well all throughout the process. It has a layered texture that looks great and it is just a real versatile piece you need in your home.

Square Flower Throw

Style with

Style this draped over the edge of your sofa, the end of your bed or on an ottoman. It comes in two colours – light grey or cream and brown, so is great to add a sophisticated finish to any space.

Square Flower Throw




You can buy the Square Flower throw blanket from their website here


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