Top tips: Your Ultimate Guide to Tom Ford Fragrances

Tom Ford Fragrances

Like Tom Ford perfumes but don’t know which to go for? Here’s our ultimate guide to Tom Ford fragrances…

Tom Ford is probably best known for turning Gucci into a hugely successful brand through the 90s. He became creative director in 1994, at a time when Gucci was near bankrupt and deemed unfashionable. Bringing glamour back to the brand, Ford hired photographers like Mario Testino, and stylists like Carine Roitfeld. Just 10 years later, Gucci was valued at over $10 billion. In 2006, Tom Ford returned with his own label, starting with fragrances and menswear before eventually moving into other areas. His first fragrance was Black Orchid; aimed at women, but customers of the scent soon included men too. The brand now has over 40 individual perfumes to its name, most of which are genderless or unisex.

Tom Ford fragrances are often described using words like distinctive, powerful and unexpected. They certainly aren’t your usual floral feminine fragrances or traditional masculine scents. The collection of fragrances is split into two main lines; Private Blend and Signature, with further collections uncovered within. So, how do you choose the right Tom Ford fragrance to suit you?

Tom Ford Private Blend

Private Blend by Tom Ford is luxurious and experimental and was launched very early on during the creation of the Tom Ford brand. They feature entirely unique fragrances that don’t follow the usual conventions of perfumery.Offering edgy fragrances that challenge traditional scents, Tom Ford Private Blend uses notes of amber, tobacco, black violet and leather to awaken the senses and offer something entirely different.

Tom Ford Signature

The Signature collection of Tom Ford fragrances are much more accessible, with the same complexity as Private Blends but with a more affordable price. Signature fragrances are well-constructed and polished to perfection, creating scents for men and women alike. Within the Signature line, you will find collections such as Noir, Oud and Portofino.

Choosing the right fragrance

Tom Ford FragrancesFinding the right Tom Ford fragrance can be tricky, simply because they’re all so unique. However, there are a few stand-out fragrances that are perfect for particular occasions. Tom Ford Noir is the ultimate evening scent; choose from the original Noir, Noir Extreme and Noir Anthracite. Between them, the Noir collection offers warm, smoky, spicy and citrus fragrances that suit the darker hours perfectly.

Oud is Tom Ford’s most successful line, and is the fragrance that the brand is most associated with. Oud Wood is such a successful fragrance that it has its own moisturiser, shower gel and beard oil. Other fragrances in the collection include Tobacco Oud with a much spicier scent, and Oud Fleur that draws inspiration from floral bouquets, especially roses. Oud Minérale is an unexpected combination of smoky notes with sea salt accord. Each of these have their own place in your routine, whether it be a daytime, holiday or evening scent.

The original Orchid range takes advantage of long lasting notes that are incredibly distinctive, perfect for a day-to-night choice. Black Orchid combines blackcurrant and bergamot with orchid, patchouli and vanilla for a spicy finish. Velvet Orchid is a more oriental-floral fragrance with mandarin, honey, rose oil, balsam and sandalwood. Orchid Soleil uses pink pepper, bitter orange, chestnut cream and vanilla for a well-rounded oriental-inspired scent.

This is only a small insight into the huge collection of Tom Ford fragrances, but why not give them a go before discovering even more?


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