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Modern RugsIt’s easy to underestimate the power of a rug and its ability to change a room. It can frame a space, make it look bigger, break up areas and add a stylish finish. For a rug that will effectively and efficiently transform your space, we suggest Modern Rugs Blizzard Silver Shaggy Rug. It is luxuriously finished with a silky 100% polyester pile, making it the ideal rug for wiggling your toes into and being super soft underfoot. It is beautifully comfortable and soft to the touch (so much so we wondered if it were possible to sleep on this instead of a mattress!) The rug has a lustrous shimmer that reflects the light for a unique yet utterly stunning finish that will have you gazing at it each time you walk in the room.


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The Modern Rugs Blizzard Silver Shaggy Rug is perfect for adding a cosy yet contemporary finish to any room. Whether you are looking to add it as a main feature in the centre of the room, or place it underneath your sofa or coffee table, it is a rug that is as versatile as it is beautiful and will look great when placed anywhere.

Modern Rugs


We love the unique feel and sheen to this rug, adding an extra dimension that we haven’t really seen before. It is ridiculously soft beneath your feet, in a way that you just want to throw your socks off, wiggle your toes and not move for a very long time. It also looks so premium and luxurious, with a truly modern finish that it will work well and instantly elevate any space. The soft silver colour means it will match a whole range of decor too.

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Let this be the statement to your living room floor. Place it in the middle with your coffee table on top, under the edge of your sofa or just on its own. Versatile and easy to place in a whole host of decorated rooms, you won’t have any trouble getting this rug to suit your space.

Modern Rugs


A 120 x 180cm rug is £109, but it comes in sizes ranging from 65 x 135cm to 200 x 300cm, see the website for more details.


You can buy the Modern Rugs Blizzard Silver Shaggy Rug from their website here


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