Find out some of the best events in Wembley you need this summer…

Summer is well on its way and with it, is bringing a whole host of exciting things to do. We’ve decided to focus on Wembley and see some of the top things on this summer. The first of these is the ICC Cricket World Cup on May 30th.  The pundits believe that the hosts have been served with an excellent opportunity to end their title drought this time around. Let us wait and see what happens. It’s going to be a cracker-jack of a contest. 

Whats on WembleyThat’s where all the cricket lovers are supposed to be. Now, as far as the music lovers are concerned, there’s a lot in store for them as well. The streets of London are expected to be brimming with energy and excitement once the action gets underway. Some of the biggest and the most celebrated bands in the history of pop music will be landing in London this summer.

The Eagles and the Spice Girls would be coming to the Wembley Arena. Now, that’s a good enough reason to make your way to London, right? For those who happen to be die-hard music lovers, it’s a great opportunity to catch all your favourite musical stars in action. To put things simply, it’s your chance to enjoy a rocking weekend with family and friends.

Here’s a list of some breathtaking hospitality events:


  • The Spice Girls Concert (June 3): This one’s for all the girls out there. One of the UK’s most popular all-girl bands will be landing in London in June. Yes, that’s right. The likes of Victoria Beckham and Melanie C are coming to London. If you’re an ardent follower of the band, then you should certainly come to the Wembley Arena to listen to some of the band’s all-time hits. It’s going to be a rocking evening in London on June 3. Make sure you are there in London to catch all the fun and excitement.


  • The Eagles Concert (June 23): Do the Eagles need an introduction? Not really. They’re one of America’s most celebrated bands. Lads from the 1970s would be aware of the band’s popularity. Also, those who have followed the band over the years would be well aware of the menace created by the band’s hit single titled ‘Victim of Love’ created back in 1976. The song’s catchy lyrics created quite a buzz back then. The song struck an instant chord with the youngsters. The rocking tunes and the raw but hummable lyrics turned the band into a sensation. The songs composed and sung by them have turned into cult classics.                                                     

If you’re fond of listening to The Eagles, then you just ought to be there at the Wembley Arena on June 23. It’s going to be an event like no other. Treat yourself to some of the band’s evergreen tunes. It’s your chance to steal the limelight.

To add to your excitement, we have a wide range of exciting music hospitality packages for you to choose from.

Salient features of our VIP packages

  • You’ll get access to a 14-seater Private Box
  • Mouth-watering snacks and delicacies
  • Executive-class seating arrangements
  • Enjoy a few drinks at the bar
  • The bar is yours for the day
  • There will be a hostess in attendance
  • Cloakroom facility is available
  • On-site parking facility is available (free of cost)

It’s not just about the delicacies you’ll be treating yourself to, it’s about the adrenaline rush you’d be experiencing. It’s also about the excitement that cannot be expressed in words. Book your tickets right away.

If you can’t make it to the Wembley Arena this summer, rest assured there are many pop tours lined up for you in 2020 with great hospitality experiences.

Finding it hard to decide? Take your time. Get in touch with your friends and find something together – there are so many choices you can’t go wrong!


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