Brexit uncertainty making you want to move? We’ve put together some of the best relocations for British expats outside of the EU…

As long as the uncertainty surrounding Brexit remains in the headlines, the questions in the mind of the estimated 1.3 million British expats living in other EU countries will continue to grow. Despite an extension until October 2019 being agreed, a deal could be struck at any time before then, leaving expats unsure how their ability to live and work abroad might be affected. A solution to this dilemma is for British expats to consider relocating to countries outside of the EU, ensuring their status will not change, regardless of the events unfolding in Brussels and Westminster. To help British expats narrow down their choice, we’ve put together some of the best relocations for British expats outside of the EU…

 Costa Rica

The best relocations for British expats outside of the EU...The first thing many people will think of when Costa Rica is mentioned is its incredible natural beauty, and for good reason. With beautiful beaches and tropical ecosystems, Costa Rica is home to almost 6% of the planet’s biodiversity, making it the type of tropical paradise many expats dream of. Coupled with the scenery and laid-back ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle are the benefits that come with an excellent education system and world-class healthcare. Medical tourism from America is increasingly common as thousands travel to the country each year to make the most of low-cost, high-quality private healthcare. 


The best relocations for British expats outside of the EU...Singapore is the fourth largest financial centre in the world, making it a very attractive option for expats moving for work, especially those in financial industries. While it is known for having very strict laws and zero tolerance on drug use, the result is that Singapore is an extremely friendly, clean and safe country. Healthcare in the country is of a high standard and is affordable, so long as expats have international health insurance to help cover the costs. It might sound like a big culture shock for British expats to move to Asia for the first time, but in a population of 5.7 million, some 40% of residents are foreign-born, highlighting Singapore’s welcoming attitude towards expats from all over the world. This is also reflected in the four official languages; English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. 


The best relocations for British expats outside of the EU... CanadaAmerica might be the first thought for British expats looking to move to another English-speaking country, but Canada is fast becoming a favourable alternative. Ranked 9th on the 2019 World Happiness Report (ten places above the United States), Canada has a lot to offer. From its beautiful natural environment and excellent quality of life to Vancouver’s burgeoning tech sector, there are many strong reasons for expats to consider the Great White North. The InterNations Expat Insider Report revealed that 81% felt the Canadian attitude to foreigners was friendly, and three quarters felt the culture was easy to adapt to – meaning that settling in and the risk of culture shock should be low for British expats. 


Mombasa Travel GuideVast landscapes and wildlife are a key element of Kenya’s identity, but beyond the tourist attractions is a country with rapidly growing urban centres, and an increasing urban middle class in major cities. Between time in the city and out exploring the safari parks and nature reserves across the country, there are many opportunities for expats to adopt an improved work-life balance. This can be greatly helped by the cost of living – in April 2019, Nairobi was 54% less expensive than London. With rustic local dishes and coastal food that takes on the influences of African and Indian cooking, expats looking to engage in different cultures will delight in the blend of culinary traditions that Kenya offers. 

 New Zealand

The best relocations for British expats outside of the EU... New Zealand Australia has long been a common option for British expats, but New Zealand is being increasingly recognised as a strong southern hemisphere alternative. This is demonstrated by its position in the World Happiness Index – a proud 8th place. This means New  Zealand is not only ahead of Canada and Australia, but is currently considered to be the happiest country outside of the European continent. Education and healthcare are both of a high international standard and 98% of the population speaks English – though expats will need to learn some Maori words which are in everyday use. As a consequence of being an island, the cost of living is high, but still lower than the UK. While wages in New Zealand are good, expats are more likely to consider countries like Singapore if they are looking to make money. Instead, those who come to New Zealand are more likely to work in education or environmental fields than in business sectors and will be looking for a slower pace of life.  

Brexit will likely continue to fill the news pages for years to come. But for those expats who are looking to avoid long-term uncertainties, there are plenty of non-EU countries that can meet their needs. From new experiences to finding an improved work-life balance in countries with cultural similarities, British expats have plenty of options when looking for a new place to settle. Which is your favourite of our best relocations for British expats outside of the EU? Let us know below!


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