Fashion Insight: How do light intelligent lenses work

light intelligent lenses

Light intelligence lenses are great for meaning you don’t need to carry multiple pairs of glasses in the sun, yet many don’t know how they actually work. We’re here to tell you…

You may have already heard of adaptive lenses, also known by other names including photochromic lenses or light intelligent lenses. This type of lens is very convenient for those who are often on-the-go and don’t wish to carry round 2 pairs of lenses. This is because light intelligent lenses work by reacting to different light conditions, and darkening when needed. So, how exactly do these lenses work, and what makes them so unique? Here we take a look at the technology behind light intelligent lenses and the benefits that could bring to you on a daily basis. 

 Photochromic technology 

Light intelligent lenses work by darkening the tint of the lens to protect your vision in bright light, before returning to clear once indoors or under cloud cover. This adaptation process involves the use of trillions of photochromic molecules. The molecules respond to outdoor light conditions; more specifically, UV light. As sunlight increases in intensity, the level of UV rises and the lenses will darken. This is because the photochromic molecules within the lens change structure. This exclusive technology is unique to Transitions lenses, with each formula integrated into the surface of the lens. The photochromic molecules constantly recalibrate and adjust to ensure only the optimal amount of light reaches your eyes, depending on whether you’re in bright sunlight, under clouds or inside.  

 How does this benefit the wearer? 

Wearing light intelligent lenses can put you at a great advantage when it comes to looking after your vision. Most light intelligent lenses react to UV light, and some more advanced technology will even respond to both UV and natural light.  This is because most car windshields will block UV light for your wellbeing, but this can be problematic for light intelligent lenses. After all, you still need protection from glare and bright light on the road while driving. Light intelligent lenses adapt quickly in order to provide maximum protection from bright light conditions, and are able to change back to clear lenses when the sun goes in or you come back inside. This is a convenient solution because you are benefitting from two types of lens in one, and no longer have to worry about carrying about multiple pairs of lenses. Light intelligent lenses can go as dark as ordinary sunglasses, with some going even darker when needed.  

Light intelligent lenses will block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to protect your eyes. This is important because overexposure to UV light can increase your risk of eye health problems, including cataracts. With summer almost here, it’s time you invested in the right pair of lenses to suit your lifestyle. Light intelligent lenses can offer a versatile and effortless answer to eye protection and comfort. 


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