Make Up Tips from top makeup artist Tori Harris

Being a city woman can be demanding, daily duties seeing you dashing about from one place to another, always seemingly on borrowed time. Despite this, we all still want to look our best, but this busy routine can leave us pushed for time in the morning to do our makeup. Which is why we have caught up with top makeup artist Tori Harris to see her top beauty tips for women on the go.

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1) Save time with multipurpose products

Bobbi Brown’s shimmer bricks are great for a quick highlighting blush with several shades running through them – they also have a second time saving use.  After applying your blush use the same brush to lightly dust the product over your eyelids for a little colour and shimmer.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

2) Make it last

Don’t worry about touching up your makeup throughout the day – use a setting spray.   I love the matte finish spray by NYX for long lasting makeup.

3) Ice can be your Savior

Woken up with a red spot?  Save time concealing it by reducing the redness first – hold an ice cube on the spot for a few minutes to dramatically reduce redness – you can do this while brushing your teeth!

4) Sultry Smoky Eyes

In a rush to transform your day look into an evening one? Use a kohl pencil to line your top, and bottom if you wish, lash line – don’t worry about being too neat with the line as long as you get right down to the lashes. Then use a taupe or brown eye shadow and fluffy brush to blend eye shadow over the line and across the lid – you’ll have enough of a line to create definition and a soft sultry smokey eye in less then 2 minutes.

Tori Harris Make Up Tips

5) Dry Shampoo

Every girl’s handbag essential – whether it’s because you need an extra day before you wash your hair or because you need to revitalize your hair for after work drinks dry shampoo is the one.  Spray into your roots, flip you hair upside down and shake through with your fingers – instant volume.

6) Double up

Cheek and lip tints are a great way to create a soft natural look with just one product.   Benefits range of tints mean they’ll be one to suit everyone – they’re sheer enough to be natural but give a healthy glow.

Benefit tint

7) Beach waves

Not got time to blow-dry your hair?  Spray damp hair with salt spray – I love Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.  Tie your hair up into a messy top knot and blast with the hair drier until mostly dry, when you take it down you’ll have natural looking messy waves.

8) Skip the eyeliner

It’s no secret drawing on the perfect black flick takes time – if you’re in a rush use your mascara to create your eyeliner.  When applying your mascara make sure you get right down to the base of your lashes and smudge a little onto the base of your eyelid then before it dries take a Q-tip and smudge it into a line.

9) Sheer is Clear

Applying lipstick can take time – ensuring you have perfectly lined your pout and maintaining a neat and even coverage all takes concentration and a steady hand – something you might not have when you are in a rush.  For popping lip colour in half the time use a sheer lipstick pencil such as Clinique’s Chubby Sticks – easy to apply and moisturizing for your lips too.

Clinique Chubby Sticks

10) All about the brows

Groomed, defined brows do so much to enhance your makeup.  If you don’t have time to shape and fill them use a coloured gel to gently enhance your brows and hold them in place – try HD Brows Brow Colourfix

Take a look at Tori’s website here, for more makeup tips and ideas.


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