Bills restaurant is one of those special places that once you discover; you quickly begin to ask yourself, “How did I not know about this place before”.

Originating in Lewes as a grocery store-come-café popular for its beautifully presented fruit and veg, homemade juices, healthy treats and jams, Bills is a quickly growing and hugely popular set of restaurants offering an original and traditional menu of stylish favourites. We couldn’t wait to visit Bills of Brighton…

Bills of Brighton

The restaurants personality and charisma shines through at every location, and Bills spectacular story is being spread and shared along with the brilliant recipes and produce available to buy in each restaurant. From breakfasts of eggs in any way you like, full English, veggie breakfast, or pancakes and porridge, lunches, afternoon tea’s and dinner.

We decided to go and get a taste of the Bill’s experience ourselves at their Brighton restaurant based on North road. As soon as you stepped into the inspiring space filled with shelves and open baskets of bill’s produce and drinks, chalkboards of recipes giving away ingredients for favourites such as the famous ‘Bills’ brownies’ and an assortment of sturdy wooden tables, benches and chairs to take your pick from.

Bills of BrightonBills of Brighton Bills of Brighton

The farmer’s market grocery store feeling has definitely not been lost even if it is set in the centre of the city, and you almost step inside to a feeling of fresh air and countryside, a lovely break from your busy day in the city. Although don’t get me wrong, Bill’s is no quiet place, and the word busy is something that is always expected. A place like this is of course a popular choice for all times of the day and the feeling of family and friends sharing good conversation with good food bubbles in the air.

We were greeted by chirpy and super polite waiters and waitresses, working fast and hard but somehow seemingly bursting with energy, maybe it’s the atmosphere that keeps them going, but the happy feeling seems to swoop through both Bill’s customers and staff too. After being offered some tap water while we chose our drinks, Ellie opted for a tea, which she described as lovely while I stuck to water.

And here came the menu, something we both had a problem with. Cleverly, and clearly presented with an extremely simple and effective layout, the selected menu was a recipe for scrumptious confusion… what do you choose! Every single plate offered sounded mouth watering, we wanted everything, but looking over at other people’s tables, portion sizes looked generous and we didn’t want to be waddling to our next meeting!

Bills of Brighton Bills of Brighton

We decided to opt for a main and desert that we had heard were popular favourites at Bills of Brighton, this way we would be able to tell you guys what we thought about something that most people were likely to try at some point. And so we went for the childhood favourite fish dish of fish finger sandwiches served with skinny fries. Wow. From the moment it was sat in front of me, I could tell this wasn’t going to be anything like the fish finger sandwich from my younger years, and it didn’t disappoint.

The glorious chocolate brownie with ice cream followed. The perfect portion size, this rich taste of heaven is one I will be ordering over and over again. Deliciously delicate, warm and rich, with the cold ice- cream working as the perfect accompaniment, a real must try.

You can visit Bills of Brighton yourself at:
Bills of Brighton
The Depot
100 N Rd
East Sussex BN1 1YE
01273 692894



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