A little slice of Spain has settled itself in the heart of Canvey Street in the form of Camino

As part of an unexpected hubbub of contemporary restaurants in London’s Bankside, Camino is a firm favourite in the dining scene. The restaurant has a ceiling to floor glass front, which has an enticing effect on any passer-by, onlookers will witness groups of friends, families, and couples indulging in good food and enjoying themselves. I’ve always envied the Mediterranean lifestyle, and how important they regard their meal times, it’s about sharing, soaking up the company you are around and the atmosphere you are in. Camino have somehow managed to create this desirable vibe in the ‘grab n go’ fast lane of London.

Camino Restaurant London

Camino, means ‘path’ in Espanol, and I’m sure it’s no coincidence that you are taken on a journey through a true Spanish tapas experience. As soon as you walk in the warm lighting and Spanish décor encapsulates you. A combination of the intricate colourful patterns on the wall tiles and the traditional dried jamons on display, give you the confidence that the food you are about to feast on will be delicious.

We were greeted and seated by Alejandro from Madrid. A man passionate about the restaurant he works in, the service he provides and the food he serves.

As per usual we over ordered (everyone does that with tapas, don’t they?) frankly because I was so excited to see options on the menu, that I haven’t yet seen in the UK. Including ‘Chipirones’ and ‘Roquetas’.

Here’s what we went for:

Camino London
Roquetas De Jamon, Serrano ham in a creamy potato mix, breadcrumbed and fried.
Camino London
Chorizo, Riojan Chorizo served with rocket and roasted piquillo peppers.
Camino London
Hamburgues, a mini burger made from Iberico pork giving it a very different flavour to your usual burger, topped with idiazabal cheese, roasted onion, watercress and served alongside the popular patatas bravas!
Camino london
Solomillo, fillet steak, baked Portobello mushroom and Torta de la Serena cheese. This was the dish that stole the show! The meat may aswell of melted in my mouth it was so tender. This is an absolute must try if you are a steak fan and it was perfectly complemented by the mushroom, pepper and cheese.
Camino London
Empanadillas, tasty and ample sized, these savoury pastries that are stuffed with spinach, pine nuts and goat cheese.
Camino London
Pimientos de Padron – A bowl full of scorched little green peppers topped with sea salt. There’s usually an extra hot one lurking within the serving too, which makes for a nice surprise!

Despite the over-ordering, the food was so scrumptious we barely left anything. Something that we loved, was that hardly any food brought to the table was served on a plate, to improve the already good presentation, food was served on slate, in a novelty mini pan or on wood. It’s the little things in life!

Let’s not forget the all-important pudding.

We ordered traditional Churros served with dipping chocolate, the chocolate was very thick and warm presented in an authentic crockpot and topped with crumbled pistachios. Alejandro came over to the table, with a suggestion to try some sherry as it helps to enrich the flavours of the chocolate. They complemented each other perfectly. I’d suggest you order this alongside any chocolate pudding you have at Camino.

Secondly we had a special chocolate fondant with a crispy cake-like top served hot. Half way through devouring it we were treated to swirls of white chocolate and strawberries! We were still talking about it hours later.

 Top tip: Make sure you leave room for pudding! (From someone who never usually opts for dessert.)

Camino Restaurant London Camino Restaurant London

5 Canvey St
020 3617 3169


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