SushiMania – fuelling the nation’s Sushi obsession with an unforgettable destination to eat Sushi in Brighton

Travelling around Australasia with a partner who was obsessed with Sushi got old really quickly.  Not only because in this food franchise (as with any) quality is not always guaranteed, but more importantly because, for them, price was no object, once the cravings set in it must be satiated. So, travelling around and hearing, ‘I am going to get sushi, do you want some?’ always made my heart sink and my wallet cry a little sob for itself. This apprehension, though in the end, proved totally misplaced, grew from my lack of what any of it really was – though in reality, how wrong can you go, come on its sushi – main ingredient and rice. In retrospect, you can’t really go wrong, all sushi is high quality, that the nature of the cuisine. However, it is how this retrospect was gained that was pivotal: Enter Sushimania!! A new place to eat sushi in Brighton…

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sushimania sushi in brighton

I have been travelling for a year and came back to Brighton to not the typical Sushi Train where you experience a strange carrousel of mystery foods just tempting you into the trap of trying it, not liking it, and paying for it anyway, oh no, I came back to a whole new dimension of sushi consuming, a whole mania of sushi. The entire fast food sushi restaurant model had a manic face lift. Sushimania is brilliant because it is made to order which is economically sound as there is far less wastage (which a particular University friend will be sad to hear as they have adopted a daily routine of dumpster diving the end of the day technically ‘out of date’ stock at her local sushi shop), and also encompasses all staples of Japanese cuisine. And, you are entrusted with the noble responsibility of being able to take your own order, on a docket with a number system (although my mother proved that can actually go wrong, but still) cutting out the fast food middle man. The food is amazingly tasty, and really easy to deduce what it is exactly you are ordering, which is better than just ‘sashimi’ when your left thinking, ‘well, sashimi of what exactly’. I used to think sashimi was a fish, not a style of serving it.


And, if that hasn’t got you excited enough already, wait til you find out that they serve their entire a la carte menu (everything except the really expensive stuff on the specials page) for half-price at lunchtime and after 10pm every day. I am a little peeved at myself for this to only be a revelation to me now; the Brighton Sushimania has been there for a little while now. But, from my example more people should know that you can go and get a kick-ass satisfying lunch for just £3.40 – that gets you a good hearty bowl of yummy Salmon Teriyaki Donburi. Mmm.


So people, sushi in Brighton lunch dates, make it a thing. You don’t have any excuses not to do it anymore. The sushi revolution has arrived. Or should I say su-lution?

Sushimani Brighton
15-17 Middle St



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