House of iKons – A show to remember

London Fashion Week is just a couple of weeks away and fashions finest will flock to our capital to see all the newest trends and what they have to offer. And one show which is guaranteed to be memorable is House of iKons.
What is most surprising is perhaps the fact that House of iKons is only entering it’s second year, for if you were to attend you would truly feel as though you are part of something that has been around for years.

Savita Kaye CEO Savita Kaye has partnered with Princes Trust and this show coincides with the Prices Trust 40th anniversary. Being appointed as one of the Trusts Ambassadors, Savita is proactively raising funds for the charity through the show and simultaneously highlighting the charity’s work with young people.

One of the things which will encapsulate you most once you are there, is the realisation that this is so much more than just a fashion show. The catwalk emanates personality, a whole range of captivating designs from all around the globe and a vibrance that makes it almost impossible to tear your eyes away.

House of iKons fashion show 2016House of iKons works to bring together the ‘uncut diamonds’ of the fashion world, giving a life-changing opportunity to up and coming designers. And you can tell this through the designs on the catwalk. Each piece is sculpted and perfected, the work, love and passion interwoven to each and every stitch, clearly visible as they take their debut down the runway. This is just one of the reasons Seen in the City is so proud to be a global media partner for the show.

The September 2015 show presented 18 designers under one roof in one day and not only was couture from all around the globe exhibited, but 8 designers successfully sold and two others signed up to major department stores in New York and Abu Dhabi.
Just some of the designers to grace the 2016 catwalk are Yen, Rocky Gathercole, Kelly & Co, Happy Andrada and Innu London – to name just a few.

The show is sponsored by Dynasty Model and Talent; Neqtr, Ceris and La Dolce Vita and will be on the 20th February during London Fashion Week.

You can purchase your ticket and find more information here
Images above by Steve Taylor Photography.


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