Proving healthy food really is delicious – The Detox Kitchen

 There’s no denying that eating healthy remains a struggle for the best of us. In a world of sated caramel and cronuts, delicious unhealthy options often out weigh the healthy ones. That being said it’s not that we don’t have enough options, in fact more than often not we have too much choice. Yet even in a sea of quinoa and kale we still seem to reach for our favourite comfort foods. (which is not necessarily a bad thing but we all know too much of a good thing won’t do us good in the long run) Working is out is easy, but it’s the clean eating that can sometimes trip us up so why not try a restaurant that can not only satisfy your cravings but also nourish your body? And this is where the Detox Kitchen comes in…

The Detox Kitchen

For all of the health gurus out there The Detox Kitchen is nothing new, it fact its reputation is one the most highly respected within the health industry. Founded by Lily Simpson, food entrepreneur and passionate foodie, The Detox Kitchen have built a solid reputation within the world of health and fitness. Subsequently with the opening of their flagship deli in Fitzrovia Place this has only cemented a legion of more bright eyed, energy filled, glowing fans.

The Detox Kitchen

The flagship store consists over two floors with a salad and juice bar on the ground floor and a fully furnished fitness studio downstairs. Bringing the elements of fitness and healthy eating all under one roof. All in all the detox kitchen deli’s main focus is on producing fresh, seasonal healthy dishes that help people make better choices. A variety of brunch options range from avocado, mint and coriander on rye bread to beetroot and carrot fritters with lemon yogurt and mango salad. When one of the issues of eating healthy is a sense of mundane ‘routine’ eating that’s perhaps where The Detox Kitchen would step in showing how diverse and colourful health eating can be. They take their healthy eating seriously, even offering tailored made salads where you can mix and match a variety of different fresh produce and the staff will also help recommend something to suit your taste and nutritional needs. All washed down with a fresh smoothie or juice eating well suddenly became a whole lot easier. Combine that with a fitness studio downstairs that feature a variety of psychical activity from yoga to HIIT carefully selected by Lily and the Detox Kitchen team and taught by some the best leading fitness professionals it really is a health haven planted in the middle of the city.

The Detox Kitchen

The detox kitchen has gone from strength to strength since opening as a small healthy daily delivery home service in March 2012. (Which stills operates with huge success currently) Plus the burgeoning success of the deli only highlights that. It has since catered for a variety of stars such as Elle McPherson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Suki Waterhouse and Sophie Dahl again showing that perhaps eating healthy need not be as hard as we make it out to be.The Detox Kitchen

For more information follow The Detox Kitchen @thedetoxkitchen on Instagram and Twitter or check out their website


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