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What you can win from Prezzy Box

Design your Own Fragrance Set – Natural

Ever walked into a fragrance shop and not really found anything that you really like and thought to yourself that you wish you could make your own scent? This Design Your Own Fragrance – The Natural Collection set enables you to do just that! Perfect as a treat for yourself or someone else who loves smelling beautiful!

The set includes six 9ml perfume blends selected by Master Perfumer, François Robert (citrus with key notes of bergamot, grapefruit and neroli, green with key notes of aloe vera and green tea, fruity with key notes of guava, peach and blackcurrant, ozonic with key notes of geranium, bergamot and violet leaf, musky with key notes of coriander, rose and muguet and gentle floral with key notes of bergamot, muguet and cardamom), one 30ml dressing table atomiser (which you can choose to have personalised for an additional cost), six pipettes, six scent strips and an easy to follow instruction booklet.

Only the highest quality perfume ingredients are used and the perfume that you produce is sure to be as unique as you!

WIN prezzy box

Sweet Treats Whoopie Pie Maker

The Sweet Treats Whoopie Pie Maker is a must have for any budding baker! This appliance makes up to 4 cake pies in only a few minutes saving you a lot of time and effort doing it by hand! Don’t worry about a soggy bottom or under baked cake as the intense heat that is applied through this gadget is evenly distributed allowing your cakes to bake to perfection within only a few minutes. With a recipes book included to give you some ideas so you can impress at your next tea party!


Indoor Allotment

Allotments have become increasingly popular with budding and experienced gardeners alike. This growing trend has become especially popular with young couples and families; everyone is getting involved in growing their own food! For people who have little or no garden space, an allotment is an ideal alternative. However, not everyone can easily access allotments or afford them! Therefore, the Indoor Allotment is the perfect solution!

This adorable indoor allotment version is brilliant for those stylish green-fingered gardeners.

WIN prezzy box

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Comment below the worst present you’ve ever received…
Winners will be announced on the 1st of May on our newsletter and social media so make sure to sign up and follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram!

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  1. Have received two awful secret Santa presents, one was a hot that was bright pink, with bears face on it, two big Pom poms sticking of the top was Dappy style with ear flaps, worst of all was too small. Second was a beaded child’s handbag, with a popper for close, something you would win out of a cracker. Obviously was not bought. Icky

  2. A pair of ugly curtian’s we had not long moved into our new home & my mother inaw brought me for my birthday so curtains which she thought i would love

  3. My ex-husband bought me a Marmite tea towel and matching oven glove for Christmas. I don’t like Marmite, drying up or cooking. Hence, ex-husband.

  4. Worst present was a clear ruler, eraser and sharpener set, whereas I gave her a gorgeous pair of (expensive at the time) earrings. I mean, she could have at least chose a pink set lol.

  5. I got a bag of hot air once. A bag labelled ‘Hot Air’! He forgot it was my Birthday and thought that would be funny….it wasn’t funny : -/…..Although we got nice and drunk afterwards, so I forgot…..for a while!

  6. It was a toilet brush from my sister is law for Christmas from Poundland and I already had a really good one I bought myself.

  7. I once had something regifted to me from some one else wardrobe, the colour wasn’t nice and it was too small! Some one else I know was given an iPad case when she didn’t have an iPad…… well thought out presents right there!! Haha

  8. My dad gave me a paperweight that is a big pebble with a peeved-looking ginger cat handpainted on it. It’s really weird, but I kinda love it anyway.

  9. Mine was a set of car tools when I do not know anythign about car repairs. I useless present and from a day dreamer who has no clue of buying presents!!

  10. Oh dear. A packet of shortbread biscuits for my 40th birthday delivered with benevolent smiles that seemed to say this is very age-appropriate for you now bless you.

  11. An emerald green and black ‘knit it yourself’ kit for a chunky beret. To a fashion conscious teenager it was horrendous.

  12. A pair of slipper socks bought for me by my boyfriend.He got his mother to help him choose them,& she didnt like me very much 🙂

  13. The act of re-gifting is a pretty bad present but, when you get back the gift you gave, THAT is a definitely a bad one 🙁 .

  14. had a iron once think was my nan hinting my clothes were creased loool i wear tight jeans no need to iron pal loool

  15. That would be when my husband gave me a copy of The Two Ronnies biography for my birthday….6 months after he gave me the same for my birthday….& I’m not even a fan We’re divorced now, lol

  16. I told my husband I wanted somethong shiny and sparkly for my delicate little fingers. He bought me a stainless steel potato peeler.

  17. The worst present I ever received was a bottle of Anais Anais Perfume from my Mother In Law. She asked me if I liked it, and i very tactfully said it wasnt my scent…but 7 yrs on we still haven’t spoken lol

  18. My husband bought me a wheelbarrow for my 50th birthday – gift-wrapped and left in the hall! It ended up in a skip – our house was being renovated – along with his electric guitar and amplifier. Revenge was mine!!!

  19. A mop and bucket for my first Christmas as a wife. He was rapidly discarded for my thoughtful husband of now 37 years who takes notice of what I like and spoils me rotten.


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