Brighton has so many wonderful pubs and bars but within the list there are some truly remarkable cocktail bars which knock the others right out of the water…

Here at Seen in the City there is nothing we like better than a truly delicious cocktail. Here is a list of 5 Brighton cocktail haunts which you need to try…


Located in the heart of the south lanes is a unique cocktail bar known as ‘Bring your own cocktails’ – A bar which doesn’t sell alcohol yet is one of the most popular cocktail haunts in Brighton. With no drinks menu it’s down to you to bring your friends and your favourite spirit and one of their professionally trained bartenders will mix you up any drink you desire. Mixed at your table with freshly brewed ingredients this cocktail bar is not to be missed.

Pricing – £

Location – 41 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB, Tel: 020 3441 2424
Brighton cocktail bars

Twisted Lemon

Down Brighton’s smallest alleyway you end up at one of the city’s brightest cocktail bars. Painted after its name-sake, this bright yellow building is sure to light up your evening before you even start on the cocktails. A very busy and vibrant location, it is not somewhere for a quiet drink- the place is packed night in night out, largely because everyone in the city of Brighton knows just how good Twisted lemons cocktails are. From the unique Voodoo to the simple strawberry daiquiri you won’t be disappointed.

Offers – 12pm-9pm Sunday to Friday Happy Hour

Pricing – ££

Location – 41 Middle St, Brighton BN1 1AL, Tel: 01273 945800

Website –

Brighton cocktail bars

Hotel Du Vin

If you are looking for a sophisticated venue which is known for its wine, Champagne and large selection of Cocktails then look no further.  Hotel Du Vin is a classy venue with decor which brings luxury to life. Their seemingly endless list of cocktails just keep going and along with their attention to detail and their friendly service you will want to stay there for hours. You could even treat yourself to a meal at their Brighton renowned restaurant Bistro Du Vin.

Pricing – £££

Location – 2 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AD, Tel: 01273 855221

Website –



This venue is not the cheapest cocktail bar but it is one of the most sensational bars we have been to. The ambient lighting and the decor from the 19th century makes this cocktail bar stand out above the rest. If you are into your flair-bartending, the tricks and flicks of your drink being juggled around or lit on fire, then this is the place for you.  If you’re a coffee lover you must try their Smoke Coffee Old Fashion (a cocktail which puts a modern twist on the oldest of cocktails) or if you are after something a bit more special you could try their champagne selection. They even have low calorie cocktails for those of you who want to enjoy a night out but don’t want to ruin that Thursday night workout which you worked so hard on the day before.

Pricing – £££

Location –54-55 Meeting House Lane, Brighton, BN1 1HB, Tel: 01273 777770

Website –

Brighton cocktail bars

Drakes of Brighton

Brighton is known for its boutique hotels but they don’t just stop there. Drakes is one of Brighton’s finest hotels and restaurants, offering a fantastic selection of cocktails in their lounge bar. It’s the perfect venue for you to treat your partner to an intimate and elegant evening of entertainment. Set at the front of the hotel and with attentive staff, fresh ingredients and plush decor, you are guaranteed to be treated like royalty. Their drinks menu is over 22 pages, ranging from the classics to the contemporary to the downright whacky.  If you really are trying to impress, you could also book a table at their highly regarded restaurant which has received multiple awards for its excellent service, stylish design and exemplary fine dining.

Pricing: £££

Location: 42-44 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1PE Tel: 01273 696934



Any cocktail place which you think we have missed? Let us know in the comments below…


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