The Levin – contemporary luxury in the heart of the City

When visiting London, it can be a total minefield when trying to choose a Hotel. Location, decor, room size and so much more are all important factors to take into consideration. But what if we told you we had a place which could encapsulate all three? A place right in the centre of the action (without feeling like it), with immaculately tasteful decor and superb room sizes? Let us introduce you to The Levin.

The Levin London

A luxury boutique Hotel just a stone throw from Harrods, The Levin is an ideal location for a real treat. I’m not going to sugarcoat the price, it is rather expensive, but unlike some Hotels where you wonder quite what you’re paying for, here you can feel the luxury as soon as you enter through the front door. And just in case you’re worrying about snotty, pretentious staff, this is not the establishment for such. Far from infact. We are greeted by a lovely, friendly concierge who asks if there’s anything we need before taking our cases up to our rooms. The walls as you enter are a soothing turquoise and the highlight of the room is an artistic chandelier style piece hanging down from the top of the Hotel to the bottom.

The Levin London

The Levin is the sister hotel to its neighbour The Capital (you can read about our stay at the Capital here) and it feels a little like it’s cooler younger sister. Whilst the capital is grand in a historic way, The Levin is effortlessly chic, whilst still retaining an air of opulence and grandeur. Our room is on the first floor – a beautiful and spacious hub to excape the hustle and bustle of the big smoke. There is a cosy sofa area, a large bed, television, dressing table and spacious bathroom with Temple Spa amenities.

The Levin London The Levin London The Levin LondonLittle touches in the room include a mobile phone for you to use and browse the internet during your stay and complimentary tea and coffee.

The Levin London The Levin London The Levin London The Levin London

Dining wise, the Levin is home to a smart-casual bistro – The Metro. Down in the basment, The Metro is atmospheric, chic and comfortable. The menu offers anything from light bites to a full three course dinner and pricing is reasonable. Starters range from £6- £10 and mains £14-£20 (the £20 being a sirloin steak meal.) Desserts are all £6/£7 so you can have a three course meal for about £30 – not bad at all considering the location.

The food itself follows the same vibe as the restaurant – cosy, welcoming and homey. There is plenty of choice and it’s not fussy and pinickity, it’s just simple, delicious and full of flavour. I opted for the soup of the day and the sirloin steak and chips. The soup was delicious and creamy and the steak cooked to perfecting. It was slightly fatty, but that’s to be expected from a sirloin. No sides come with this, but at only £3 it doesn’t break the bank to add one or two (I opted for chips and the portion was huge, much to my partners delight as he dug into what I couldn’t manage.)

The metro the levin london
He himself opted for the Prawn Cocktail (a favourite of his) and the confit duck leg. The prawn cocktail was delicious and he firmly declared he’d never had such a delicious portion of duck. The accompanying mash was creamy and the spinach added a fresh kick to the meal.

One of the real highlights to dining at the Metro is sampling the delicious Levin wine. David Levin, the owner of the Capital & Levin, commenced the production of his own private label wine in 1985, using grapes traditionally grown in the Loire Valley. There’s something about knowin exactly where is comes from and being a wine so personal and so special to the Hotel and the owners itself that really makes it unique and taste all the better. I’d recommend this above any other wine at the establishment.
The Levin London
From your table there is a small open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work and the layout means you’re not sat too close anyone on the next tables. It all feels very exclusive, very cosy and it’s difficult to drag yourself up from your food coma once the meal is finished.

If you’re looking for something that bit more special or a great place for cocktails, head next door to The Capital. They have a Michelin star fish restaurant – Outlaws, named after its founder Nathan Outlaw. We have dined there previously and the food really is exquisitely delicious and well worth it if you’re looking to push the boat out (no pun intended.) Their accompanying bar is a plush space with the feel of a gentlemen’s whisky club of a byegone era. Dark panelled walls and gentle flickered lights create a mystical and relaxing ambience to enjoy a tipple or two. The Old Fashioned is a particular highlight here.

The Capital London

Nights Sleep
The Levin offers a great nights sleep, noise from the streets below is muffled by the double glazing and the bed is supremely comfortable with plush pillows and a duvet which draws you in, curls around you and refuses to let you get up in the morning.

Breakfast is also held in the Metro and offers a range of cereals and pastries as well as a cooked breakfast. The full-english is well cooked and the sausages in particular were delicious.

The Levin London The Levin London The Levin London

With prices starting from around £265 for a double room (including breakfast) this is a Hotel for a treat, but one that is well worth it. After you leave the beautiful interior and step onto the streets beyond you are left wondering just when you can return.

The Levin
28 Basil St,
London SW3 1AS.

Tel: 020 7589 6286.
See our review of the Capital here

Seen in the City were hosted by The Levin on a dinner, bed and breakfast basis.


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