Evexia Thrive – delicious gluten free meals with no compromise on flavour

If you are intolerant to Gluten, one of the hardest things to try and cut out of your diet can be pasta, thanks to the many different and delicious dishes it creates – spaghetti bolognese, carbonara, tortellini… And whilst there are a few alternatives out there which are wheat free, they are usually chewy or flavourless and don’t hold a branch to the real thing. This is where Evexia Thrive comes in.

Evexia Thrive gluten free pasta

With a mission to make gluten free meals for the modern lifestyle with no compromise on taste, texture or quality, their range of pastas are a real breath of fresh air. Both delicious and suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike, they mean you can go back to creating your favourite dishes, gluten free. Evexia Thrive are passionate about improving national wellbeing and are doing so pasta piece at a time!

We recently tried out their penne pasta. Made from the finest corn and rice flour, it is gluten, egg and dairy free. It matches your regular penne (we were suprised just how much so!) and is a great alternative to your regular wheat pastas. Cook as your normally would and make a delicious spaghetti bolognese or home made sauce, ideal for lunch or dinner.Evexia Thrive gluten free pasta

We also tried their spinach and ricotta tortellini and again this was delicious (and definitely worth a try.) Packed full of flavours, it makes an ideal main on it’s own, or an accompaniment to a fish or chicken dish. We added peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach and a sprinkling of cheese for a quick, easy and healthy finish.

Check our Evexia Thrive’s full range of delicious pastas on their website here:
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