1The Tillow

Finally – your time at the beach has just got 10 times better thanks to Tillow: A large beach towel which will solve all your problems. With a built-in pillow, a water resistant storage space and a touch screen window for your phone it’s an ideal travel accessory. You can relax on the beach knowing that you will be comfortable, your belongings safe and your phone isn’t going to get wet whilst listening to music. You’re going to love the beach so much more!

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2Tile: Tracking Tags

Do you go away a lot and stress that your items may go missing? Maybe you misplace your phone, wallet or even a bag and can’t find it. If this is the case, then Tile is perfect for you! Tile is a small Bluetooth tracker that can be attached to nearly anything. All you need to do is download the app on your android or IOS device, log in and connect to the tile, where its location will then appear (Probably behind the sofa) The Tile comes with a loud built-in speaker, it’s water proof and their battery life lasts for a whole year, before you need to charge it again. Coming in many sizes you’ll never lose an item again.

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3Duronic Travel Steam Iron

Are you fed up with packing all your clothes for them to come out wrinkled and with no iron in the room, having to walk out scruffy?  Duronic Steam Iron, one of the smallest steam irons of its kind in the world, is ideal to set crisp creases and remove wrinkles. Being so small (soleplate length only 13cm) it fits perfectly in your case, taking up no space at all. With variable heat settings, a Non-stick soleplate and a 375-watt motor, you can be confident that this product will perform.

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What’s more annoying than when you’re out travelling and your phone dies (Especially when trying to take a selfie!) This is when the Powerbank comes in. The power bank is a small compact charger which is convenient to store and comes with a small key ring to attach to your keys. Quick to charge and easy to use, the powerbank is reliable and charges your phone in no time – you will never be without charge on the move.

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5  Travel Hoodie Pillow

Memory foam mattresses are just the most comfortable invention on the planet, so when we heard about the memory foam travel hoodie pillow, we could not wait to see what it was about. Planes, in particular, can be uncomfortable, especially when you are on a long-haul flight, which is why this invention is a genius idea. Crafted from premium sweat shirt material, the Travel Hoodie Pillow offers great support for your neck and the finest of comfort. Adjustable to all sizes and hand washable this is perfect for all types of travel.

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6Harry Potter Colouring Book

Whether you are a Harry Potter Fan or you just love colouring, the Harry potter Colour book is the perfect book to get lost in the magic and bring your magical world to life. Whether you’re trying to pass time on the plane or you just want some time to yourself, this book with keep you entertained for hours with 96 pages of wizardry therapy. Give a new look to the Slytherin crest or recolour the Hogwarts express, the imagination is all in your hands.

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7Duronic Luggage Scales

Luggage restrictions are so common when travelling and cause a lot of stress – Are you within the 20-kilo weight limit or are you over, what does your hand luggage weigh? With a digital luggage scale, you can take all that stress away. Duronic has come out with their very own digital scale which has been highly regarded by many. Known to be very accurate and reliable you are able to record up to a max weight of 50kg with the weight being recorded on an electronic display. Light, easy to use and small to store, you can take this away for your return journey.

To find out more information or purchase the Duronic Luggage Scales click here

8Polaroid Snap Touch Instant

Capturing your special moments on camera is exciting, especially when your photos are made instantly available to be printed and stuck in a scrapbook. Polaroid Snap Touch is an electrifying edition to the camera world and has made this idea come true, through their latest release the snap touch. Using their Zero ink technology, you are able to store or print your photos on demand, Film at 1080p and even add the Polaroid classic borders before print. The Touchscreen display is easy to use and with the added addition of Bluetooth, you can instantly print your mobile photos through their dedicated app. So go on, do your best and snap away.

To find out more information click here or purchase the Polaroid Snap Touch from Amazon here. You can also read our review here.

9Micro Luggage Scooter

Tired of carrying your heavy luggage around the airport? Well now’s the time to glide through and arrive at your destination in no time, with Micro’s three in one luggage scooter. Designed with quality in mind, the luggage scooter is approved as hang luggage with most airlines and can be folded away to fit the overhead luggage compartments. It’s simple! Pack your luggage, unfold your scooter and ride along.

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10Flipsidez Flip Flops

Footprints in the sand capture great photo’s and are fun to create. What’s even more fun is to capture a footprint which has your very own design! Flipsidez flip flops allow you to design the sole of your shoe to create quirky patterns, which print in the sand. Whether it’s your name or a quote you can create whatever you want making the beach that little bit more entertaining.

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