Polaroid Snap Touch brings back a blast from the past and makes it even better…

The past few years have seen the 90’s make a comeback – we’re talking hair scrunchies, beanie babies, furbies and puffer jackets to name but a few. However, our favourite of all is the bringing back of the Polaroid. In an era where everything is digital, Polaroids are a refreshing reminder of how great it is to have a physical memento, something to stick in a photo album, scrap book or on the wall. And this is where the Polaroid Snap Touch comes in…

Polaroid snap touch reviewPolaroid have done more than just make a comeback, they have had a refresh and are ready and willing to fight the high competition of the digital age with their new Polaroid Snap Touch. As well as the instant print feature we all know and love, it now has a touch screen and can store up to 30 photos – or more if you purchase an SD card. It’s not the most high definition camera (13 megpixels) but you can add filters and edits to enhance your pictures or use the Bluetooth feature which is our favourite tool.

Polaroid snap touch review Polaroid SnapTouch has its own bluetooth app which integrates seamlessly with the camera and allows you to send your own photos from your phone for printing. Connecting via Bluetooth you can edit your photos, add frames and filters and choose which pictures you want to print right away. It’s simple, easy and means you can have copies of all your favourite photos without having to order online and wait for them to be delivered.

Polaroid snap touch review

The snap touch comes in six different colours and looks super sleek and stylish. It charges via a USB and once charged holds this for a good few hours.
We were super impressed with the new Polaroid Snap Touch and it really is the perfect item for taking abroad, creating scrapbooks or as a birthday present for a loved one.
Priced at around £159, you can purchase it from Amazon here and find more information here.
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