Strike the balance between getting fit and going out, with Disco Yoga…

Let’s face it, exercise is dull. Sweating your backside off on a treadmill, headphones which keep falling out your ears, a view of your bright red, puffy face in the unflattering mirror in front of you. Just the motivation we want to tone up and slim down.
We think not.
Luckily for you, we’re always on the look our for fun new ways to get fit (yes they do exist, we pinky promise – take a look at our five fun exercise classes here.) And so we were super excited when we heard of Disco Yoga ®.disco yoga

Yes that’s right. Disco yoga. Stick those headphones back in your pocket and get ready to shake that booty to the pulsing tones of Jackson Five and Donna Summer.  Think the fun of school discos, minus the smell of sweaty feet, too-much lynx Africa and a lukewarm capri sun at the end. disco yoga

Not only is this the hottest new fitness trend, but it’s an uber glamorous and fun way to bend and stretch, donning your spandex, sequins and glitter all at the same time! You’ll dance, shimmy and shake to a host of dance classics, taking in the blissful vinyasa flow.

And that’s not all. After your class you can reward yourself with a super smooth, super tasty, super food cocktail and network with some of your classmates. It’s Raining Zen, Kale and the Gang and Disco Inferno are just some of the specially themed cocktails on offer each week (each ticket includes one free post class discos themed cocktail or mocktail.) disco yoga

The classes are run by Sarah Hunt – teaching the moves – and DJ Darlo spinning the decks. All the way from Vancouver, Sarah is a resident yoga teacher for London Fashion Week and has an impressive celebrity clientele under her belt. DJ Darlo has Dj-d for a whole host of festivals, parties and for some of London’s most prestigious venues, such as the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery.disco yoga

Whether you are looking to boogie away the stress from your work week or simply have fun with friends and get fit at the same time, Disco Yoga®  is for you.

Disco Yoga® is priced from £15 for one session including a mocktail or cocktail after. You can buy your ticket here.

PLUS for the little ones, Brighton are also offering a Jungle Boogie for parents and toddlers. This is a playful yoga class designed for you and your child and offers a fun 30 minute interactive experience. A face-paint and glitter station will be set up 30 minutes before each class begins so that each child embraces their inner wild thing, ready for a Jungle Boogie!

 Weekly Disco Yoga® at Trapeze Bar

Tuesday July 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

Disco Yoga Brighton Brunch

Sunday July 30th
Sunday October 15th

Jungle Boogie Brighton

Sunday July 30th

Disco Yoga Hoxton Hotel Brunch

Saturday July 29th


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