Why should exercise be boring? Here’s the fun, the wonderful and the downright weirdest classes on offer…

Morning Gloryville

weird exercise classes

Picture clubbing, but in the morning. Sans alcohol. Sounds grim right? But take away the drunken haziness, sticky cocktail-covered floors and perilously high heels and you’re left with a fun way to exercise and start your day. Morning Gloryville takes place in a number of locations over the city and allows you to dance the hour away to your favourite hits, sipping on health smoothies and eating a nutritious breakfast. Raving without the hangover? Winning!

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Beer yoga

weird exercise classes

Firstly, no, this is not an excuse rustled up by husbands everywhere to get out of going to the gym and to the local pub, it is actually a thing. Rejoice and place those kale smoothies back where they belong, for now you can enjoy a pint without the guilt. The idea started over a year ago in Germany at a hip Berlin yoga studio, where locals went mad for the idea of stretching and exercise during their drinking sessions. You can sign up for London’s first session here. Better get practising those beer salutations…

Boom cycle

Boom Cycle

Let’s face it, spinning, whilst a god-send for the buttocks and a master for your fitness, is dull. You have an intense session of staring at either a wall or dozens of buttons cycling in front of you whilst all you can think of is the burning of your legs and how red and sweaty you look. But now Boom Cycle makes this exercise a whole lot more fun. The lights are turned down low and the music is turned right up, you can pump along to the tunes, enjoy a healthy smoothie and enjoy the benefits whilst having fun. Find out more here

Hula Fit

weird exercise classes

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring, something Hula Fit encourages with their hula-hooping classes. In fact, there are downright hilarious and if your abs don’t come from all the hip working, they’ll probably appear from the amount of laughing you do. Grab a friend and head down to your nearest session to tone your muscles, shed those calories and finally experience a workout you cant wait to get to.
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Laughter Yoga

Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. A group of you get together and with eye contact and jokes you encourage laughter. Whilst it’s probably forced at first it soon turns into real and contagious laughter which is believed to provide a range of physiological and psychological benefits. We’ll take this over an hour on the treadmill any day.
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