The Tinder of the interiors world, meet HomR, the app which lets you rate other houses for your own interior inspiration…

Nowadays opinion is more important than ever and we can hardly head to the supermarket for a loaf of bread before reading an online review. Now whilst this sort of critique is great, what if it could be used for something even more substantial than the new Lee Stafford hair curlers? What if it could be extended to the whole house? HomR interiors appNow it can.
The new app HomR allows you to upload your house and rate and view others – offering a whole new insight in interior design. No longer does limited creativity mean you have to pay thousands for an expert designer to give your living room a refresh – you can get it straight from your phone.The Tinder of the interior world, you can adapt your dashboard to show the homes you like, and to get rid of the ones you don’t, you simply swipe left. If you love the design and want to take the interaction that bit further, simply swipe the photo to the right and you can message the owner about the photo, view more photos of the home, or simply save it so you can go back and have a look at a later date.HomR interiors app

This is a pinterest simply for homes and a chance to really get inspired and find out tips from others as well as sharing your expertise. If you’re an expert in kitchens but when it comes to the bathroom you feel completely out of your depth, help is in hand.

Take a look at their website to find out more information and where to download the app here. The app is free of charge for both iphone and apple, so there’s no excuse not to give your home a refresh today. Let us know what you think in the comments below..



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