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When it comes to purchasing a watch, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. There are so many different in an ever growing market, that it’s almost impossible to decide on one. I like to spend a little less and purchase more to add versatility to my wardrobe- you will  often find me changing my watch depending on what I am wearing. Especially as watch designs can change quite drastically!

In 2016 alone around 1.2 billion watches were sold worldwide with approximately 22 million being smart watches – it’s obvious the market is huge and only becoming more popular, but what makes a good watch and what makes a bad watch? Well one company we have recently come across which I believe create exceptional watches at very reasonable prices is Thomas and George.

thomas and george watch review

Whilst Thomas and George are still relatively new they have already amassed a large following on their Instagram page; timepiece enthusiasts and high street consumers alike are drawn to their beautiful imagery and unique pieces. Their catalogue consists of three different watches: the Ottawa 43, Kingman 43 and the Bakersfield. The Ottawa 43 and Kingman 43 are designed as a chronograph watch with soft leather straps, whereas the Bakersfield takes a classy, minimalistic approach to bring you a really clean cut watch. (This comes in two different colours)

Having followed their Instagram for a while and read a lot about their designs I thought it was about time we tried them out to see how they compare to our other watches. We opted for the Ottawa 43.

The watch arrived in a bold wooden box with the logo engraved on the side. The box is perfect for presenting it and keeping it safe, however, it is a bit chunky and if you have more than one watch, it can take up a lot of storage space. This said, it’s great for protection during shipping and sets the bar high for the reveal of the watch itself!

thomas and george watch review

As you open the box you catch a glimpse of the crisp white finish as the light shimmers off the polished face. The rose gold dials shine proudly exuding sophistication and with the addition of three sub dials: minutes, seconds and 1/10 second you can really see the craftsmanship and detail. The diameter measures at 43mm, which is a nice size and the thickness isn’t too chunky, making it ideal with a shirt.

The strap is finely cut with soft leather, the quality of the material feels nice and it holds perfectly on the wrist. It comes in a dark brown colour with a lightly grained texture. The buckle is coated in rose gold, which matches the casing of the watch as well as the dials. The Thomas and George logo is engraved on the top of the buckle.

When it comes to daily wear, it’s very convenient, fitting seamlessly with any outfit. Whether you are going out for a dinner in a shirt or casual drinks at the weekend, we can promise you that you will be getting plenty of compliments. It’s also very light meaning most of the time you will forget that you are wearing it.

thomas and george watch review

The thing which really stands out with Thomas and George is the pricing for the product. Coming in at £69.99 it’s exceptional for such craftsmanship and aesthetic precision. It doesn’t break the bank and matches their brand values of “providing you with beautifully crafted and high-quality products at affordable prices” plus their customer service is second to none.

Quite often you hear the phrase quality over quantity and I think that this phrase really applies to Thomas and George. With only three different types of watches they have really been able to craft something that is beautiful, stylish at a very affordable price. If you were to purchase this watch for a friend, family or loved one they will receive something that they could keep and cherish through the years.

Have you purchase a Thomas and George watch? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below…
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