Bourbon, Barbecue and a Band of Rebels. That was the formula of Rebel Yell’s latest shindig at the Lockside Tavern in Camden…

The buzzing bar in Camden Lock Place is the new home of the smooth heritage bourbon, where it will remain as a summer resident. To celebrate the night, the bar created some fab bespoke cocktails at just £6 a pop and enlisted a line-up of live urban music acts such as Hackney heart throb Mikill Pane and Manga Saint Hilare.

Now, here’s where I hold my hands up and say I’m not usually a whiskey drinker. I’m more of a rum girl myself. However, I can happily say Rebel Yell has made me a bourbon convert. It’s smooth and easy to drink, with notes of honey and a hint of spice to it. It’s a really balanced spirit, which means it makes a good sipper or a perfect cocktail base.

My favourite order of the night was the “Smoking Gun”, a heady mix of Rebel Yell Rye, Manzanilla Sherry, Grand Marnier and Agnostura bitters. However, the Bourbon Rebel Mule was also a fantastic long drink, topping Rebel Yell with Fever Tree Ginger Ale and giving it added kick with a slice of ginger.Rebel Yell Cocktails

Other tipples on offer included a Peach & Thyme Smash, which was rather sharp and lemony. It was also served with a generous sprig of Thyme, which was more of a garden than a garnish in the glass! For those who prefer a classic cocktail, the Boulevardier was the perfect 20:20:20 ratio of Rebel Yell bourbon, Campari and Punt e Mes Vermouth, and a good choice for anyone who usually leans towards a Negroni.

As usual, we never intended to have a “big night”, but the Pickleback chaser (a shot of Bourbon followed by a rather hideous shot of pickle brine) made it pretty unavoidable.

The Band of Rebels night is set to return soon to the Lockside Tavern. In the meantime, you can head down any day this summer to enjoy Rebel Yell bourbon at your leisure.


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