If you’re looking for somewhere new to eat this month, look no further than Hoppers…

If you have ever been to Hoppers in Soho, you know how popular is. In fact you can see where Hoppers is long before you even arrive judging by the queue of people spilling out in to the street. Thus the ultimate dining nemesis is made – a favourite restaurant with divine food, but ultra-long waiting times. This is why we’re so happy to hear Hoppers are opening a new sibling restaurant in St Christopher’s Place – and a much larger one at that… Hoppers London

Following from our recent trip to Sri Lanka (you can read about that here) we have fallen in love with the delicious dishes and curries the culture has to offer, but found it hard to find anywhere over here that replicates the food even close. Well Hoppers takes that crown, as not only does the setting feel authentic, but the food tastes it too. If you are never to have had a Hopper, you need to turn that around immediately. Hoppers are made from rice flour and coconut milk to form a mix between a pancake and a crisp, formed into a bowl shape and often cooked with an egg in the centre. These are often served for breakfast, though can be enjoyed throughout the day.New Hoppers London

As well as these on the new menu, there will also be a range of delicious offerings such as different flavoured Roti,Banana Leaf Roasted Plaice, Chicken Buriani, Jaffna Beef Rib Fry, Hot Butter Devilled Chipirones and much more.

Four vault areas with room for 6-8 people will provide more private dining and an ideal place to enjoy the restaurant’s new set feasting menus which will be exclusive to this site only.

New Hoppers London
The original Hoppers in Soho


Hoppers at St Christopher’s Place is now open, so head on down and feast to your hearts content.
To see more information and book please click here


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