Head to Hoshino Resorts when in Japan for a truly unforgettable break filled with beauty, culture and tranquility…

Japan is a country of beauty, elegance and culture and offers a trip that will stay with you forever. Whether you go to sample the cuisine, witness the famous cherry blossom or immerse yourself in their ways you are guaranteed a trip of a lifetime. There has also never been a more exciting time to visit. 2020 will see the Olympics head to Tokyo and they are also leading the way in culinary tourism with 28 Michelin three-star restaurants. It was also announced last month that Japan is the cheapest long-haul hotspot to visit.* During your stay, why not head to Hoshino Resorts – the leading Japanese based hospitality brand…

Hoshino Resorts japan Hoshino Resorts japan Hoshino Resorts japan

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There are thirty-four Hoshino Resort properties in Japan, under three brands – HOSHINOYA (flagship luxury brand), RISONARE (active family-focused resorts) and KAI (exclusive hot spring ryokan) with the announcement of the launch of a new fourth brand, OMO. They have also have just introduced their unique and contemporary take on the traditional Japanese Ryokan or Inn, combining contemporary nuances with deeply rooted Japanese culture and influences from the natural surroundings and the changing seasons.

Hoshino Resorts japan

When staying in one of the Hoshino Resorts you can indulge in a whole plethora of memorable experiences such as bathing in open-air hot spring baths, dining or doing sunrise yoga in a gazebo in the sky overlooking a rainforest, travelling by boat to a bucolic riverside retreat nestled among cherry blossom trees.

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Yoshiharu Hoshino the fourth-generation hotelier and CEO of Hoshino Resorts, is delighted to introduce his family’s distinctive take on the Japanese Ryokan, plus its interpretation of Omotenashi, to the UK.: “Our objective is to adapt the ryokan concept for major cities such as London, New York and Sydney, establishing an entirely new accommodation category. While Japan as a destination is increasing in popularity among UK visitors, we believe that the UK’s diverse cities are at the forefront of innovation and trendsetting and will readily welcome a new accommodation concept.”

Hoshino Resorts japan

(*The Post Office Holiday Money Report, which compares average costs of tourist expenses across 42 worldwide destinations, revealed Tokyo, Japan’s capital city, as the cheapest long-haul destination.)

For more information on Hoshino Resorts, please take a look at their website here: http://www.hoshinoresorts.com/en/ and http://www.hoshinoresorts-magazine.com/en/.


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