To instantly uplift a room, all you need to do is add a mirror! Here are our top tips for choosing the perfect one and why you need to do it…

When decorating, sometimes your home needs that little extra something but you can’t quite put your finger on just what it is. And what that something is, is usually very simple – a mirror. For if positioned correctly, a mirror can create light, texture, space and add character.

If you’ve ever walked into a small room, chances are they have a large mirror on one wall (and if not, they should get one!) Mirrors open the space by creating the illusion of more room and also can reflect light and colours. If placed opposite a window they can bring in the colours of the garden and plenty of natural light.

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Statement mirrors are also perfect for decoration. They are a bit sleeker and more versatile with your colour scheme than a portrait and can be reused whenever you change the colour scheme of a room. There are so many different sizes, shapes and coloured frames to choose from the choices are endless!

They can also be used to add texture to your room – firstly by choosing a three-dimensional frame and secondly by positioning the mirror so it reflects an already textured object in a room such as a faux fur throw, vase or coffee table. Think about what you want to be displayed and position the mirror around that.

Here are some of our favourite mirrors and how to style them:

mirror update your home interior hacks
Dutchbone Kubu Rattan Wall mirror by Cuckooland: Buy here
mirror update your home interior hacks
Lene Bjerre Deponia Mirror from Houseology
mirror update your home interior hacks
Michael Murphy Viggo Round Mirror Gold Buy here
mirror update your home interior hacks
Mirror from Star by Julien Macdonald at Debenhams view here
mirror update your home interior hacks
Gatsby Square Mirror from Laura Ashley buy here


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