No matter what sort of holiday you enjoy, as soon as you head on a cruise ship, you’ll realise Cruising is the best way to travel…

Cruising is fast becoming a more and more popular choice of holiday. Vacation-seekers are shunning holiday resorts and apartments for the seas, realising cruising isn’t – as has been thought in the past – a trip just for an older generation. Here are the top reasons cruising is the best way to travel…

P&O Britannia Seen in the CityIt gives you the chance to see multiple countries

No other trip would allow you, in the space of a week, to journey round a whole stretch of Caribbean islands or wake up one morning in Barcelona and the next in Genoa. Cruising gives you the chance to see a whole host of different cities and countries within a short space of time.

Cruising Is The Best Way To Travel
Exploring Curacao on a cruise

It is an easy way to travel

Not only do you get to see a host of different countries, but it is an effortless way to travel. You have everything you could want at your fingertips. Your cabin is your base for your holiday, but you also have what is essentially a floating luxury resort at each place you stop. You also only need to unpack once. No lugging your case through cobbled streets or between hotels, you either get on at the dockyard or get a lift from the airport where your luggage is taken to your cabin for you – easy peasy!

P&O Britannia Cruise P&O
A cabin on P&O Britannia

The price

Most cruises are all-inclusive giving you an unbeatable deal – particularly for families. It also has better rep than some of the dodgy all inclusive resorts with only one restaurant to dine in each night. You can choose from a number of different restaurants and can upgrade for a little extra for speciality dining. There are also drinks packages available and you can book excursions before you go. This helps mean there are no hidden surprises or hassle of heavily budgeting throughout your trip.

princess cruises royal princess
A cocktail show on the Royal Princess

To avoid the airport hassle

If you hate flying but still want to head abroad, cruising is definitely the best way to travel for you! You can board your ship in your home country, sail round the world and end up back in your own country without having stepped foot on an aeroplane. This is also good for people that like to take a bit more luggage than is allowed on a plane as there aren’t the same weight and size restrictions.

princess cruises royal princess
Looking over one of the pool areas on the Royal Princess

There is something for everyone

Cruising is the perfect holiday no matter who you are going with due to the sheer amount of things to do. Choose your ship carefully when booking and you will find a vast array of activities for an array of tastes and preferences. Some ships have go-karting, water shows, large pools and even Cirque du Soleil at sea! There are theatre shows, art galleries, cinemas, sports arenas and so much more you’d be hard pressed not to find something you all love to do.

Cirque du Soleil MSC Cruises
Cirque du Soleil on MSC Cruises

Do you agree that Cruising Is The Best Way To Travel? If so, let us know why below!


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