While you may think a t-shirt is a t-shirt and there is little difference between them, there is actually a myriad of different styles as you can see in our popular t-shirt trends for SS18…

You might think that t-shirts are all the same, with generic styles that you see everywhere. This makes it incredibly difficult to upgrade your wardrobe and make sure you have t-shirts that are right on trend for the season. After all, you can only own so many plain black t-shirts, right? Wrong.

Now that summer is here, styles become a lot more creative and you can experiment with various colours too, giving you the chance to spruce up your wardrobe making T-Shirts for summer suddenly a lot more interesting. So, if you’re looking for new t-shirts to add to your collection, here are some of the most popular t-shirt trends for SS18 that have emerged over the last few weeks…

t-shirt trends for SS18

Dip dye t-shirts

This has been a popular style for some time now but is particularly great for the summer season. Dip dye t-shirts are easy to wear and are often created in bright colours, resulting in a great style whether you’re staying in the UK sunshine or jetting off to an exotic location, making them great t-shirts for summer.

Dip dye creates a two-tone effect, subtly blended to give you a stylish look. It adds another dimension to your outfit, whether you’ve paired your t-shirt with shorts or jeans. Look for a unique combination of colours such as peach and navy or black and mint green.

Contrasting colours

Making a t-shirt more eye-catching can be done in a number of different ways; one such popular method is by using contrasting colours. For example, take a blue t-shirt and add a yellow stripe down the sleeve, or use distinctive logo taping down the body of the t-shirt in an opposite colour. Creating a stylish design with a difference, it shakes up your t-shirt collection effortlessly.

t-shirt trends for SS18

Contrasting sleeves

A similar idea to using contrasting colours, t-shirts that have contrasting sleeves are a great way of upgrading your style. Look out for t-shirts that have a relatively plain body, but short sleeves with an eye-catching print such as floral or camo. You’d be surprised at how big of an impact this style can have on your look. Even if you opt for a simple variation, a white t-shirt with black sleeves or vice versa can look just at great without going overboard.

All over prints

To make sure your t-shirt collection includes some real gems, look for prints. This can take an average outfit to above average with minimal effort. All over prints have the biggest effect, but choose them wisely. Subtle two-tone stripes can create a visual effect, while geometric or abstract prints can look smart as well as fashionable.Look out for seasonal prints such as roses, or even logos that make an impact on their own.


t-shirt trends for SS18Block stripes

For a contemporary take on the traditional t-shirt, look for block stripes. Cut and sew panels can add an extra visual to an otherwise simple design. Look for stripes in bold shades like red or white against a different coloured background for maximum effect, and you have a ready-made style that is ideal for any occasion. Stick to classic shades like navy, white and grey for the summer months and pair with your favourite denim shorts to create a timeless ensemble for any sunny event!

What your thoughts on these t-shirt trends for SS18? Let us know in the comment box below!


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