Always wanted longer hair but worried about the effects extensions have on your own locks? We reviewed Beauty and Melody Tape hair extensions…

I’ve always had a bit of a stigma against hair extensions, something stemmed from days when girls would wear clip-ins from Claire’s Accessories in garishly un-matching colours, clips visible through strands of hair and the same amount of subtlety as if they’d had “I wear extensions” stapled to their foreheads. This is why when I was contacted by Beauty and Melody to try their tape extensions I was a little wary. While I was under no false pretence that these would be a whole sight better than the post-pubescent Saturday job money invested hair from the past, I was still cautious. What if it ruined my hair? What if it looked stupid? What if it was super over the top and looked ridiculous? Despite my reservations, my want for thick, voluminous tresses soon won and I figured it was only hair. It can grow back or I can get them taken out if the results are disastrous. I headed to Marble Arch to try Beauty and Melody Tape hair extensions…

Beauty and Melody Marble Arch

Beauty and Melody’s Marble Arch salon is sleek and luxurious and has been there since 2015. I had an initial consultation with Mel from the salon, where she checked the condition of my hair (it had recently been cut so was in good shape) and found the best colour extensions to match my hair. They found a couple of different colours we could mix together to get a good match when I came back for my fitting the next week. The consultation is great as it gives you a chance to discuss any questions or queries you might have as well as check the colours before they are fitted.

On return the next week, I was greeted again by Mel who first took me off for a hair wash (including a much appreciated mini head massage). She then went about fitting the hair. The great thing about Tape extensions is that they don’t take half a day out of your schedule to be fitted; I was in the chair for about two hours from start to finish (including washing, drying, fitting and styling.) We had gone for 18 inch blonde hair and as my shoulder length locks began to transform I started to get excited. Mel was so friendly and informative the whole way through and the two hours flew by. When they were finally all fitted, she trimmed the ends for a more natural finish then styled it into a blow dry.

Beauty and Melody Tape Hair Extensions
Before (Left) After (Right)

The result of the Beauty and Melody Tape hair extensions was absolutely amazing. Despite knowing it was not my real hair in front of me (and experiencing a real pang of jealousy for anyone lucky enough to be blessed with hair like this) I was astounded at how good it looked. The colours matched perfectly, I couldn’t feel the bonds anywhere where the extensions were taped in and the hair bounced voluminously around my shoulder blades. I felt ready to conquer the world (or at least  to head to a bar to show off my new do)! I never realised what an impact hair can have yet I instantly fell in love. I felt more confident in myself and wondered just how I was ever going to cope without these. Luckily I wouldn’t have to worry about this for a while yet. These tape extensions are to last 6-8 weeks and can be fitted again and again over the year.

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Beauty and Melody Tape Hair Extensions

I’ve never been so happy with a hair appointment in my life as I am with my Beauty and Melody Tape hair extensions and even two weeks later the upkeep is easy, they still look great and are easy to manage. They are so lightweight and fit seamlessly in with own hair that I often forget I am wearing them.

Would I choose to get Russian Tape hair extensions again? Most definitely. And would I go anywhere other than Beauty and Melody? Most definitely not.

Find out more about Beauty and Melody Tape hair extensions here and book in for yourself…

Beauty and Melody is located at Marble Arch, 19-21 Great Cumberland place London, W1H 7AS. Beauty and Melody Tape hair extensions start at £300 for half a head. For bookings or to find out more, visit or call 020 723 5028.


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