The Range Rover Evoque SE takes the concept of driving as a means to an end and turns it on its head, making the journey part of the adventure…

A road trip around the Cotswolds is a beautiful thing and something which can only be bettered by driving a truly unbeatable car. After all, that is the main essence of a road trip,and a place you are going to be spending a lot of your time.

Range Rover Evoque SE

So, deciding that yes, a staycation really can be just as fun as heading abroad, we opted to travel all round the Cotswolds for a week and for this, we chose to do so in the new Range Rover Evoque SE. A great way to get a feel for the car, test it on some of the more challenging and windy country roads, try out the music system and test it’s self parking feature in the poky spaces in the villages. (It’s a firm yes from us.)

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The Range Rover Evoque SE is a sporty model from the manufacturer – and a lot sleeker looking than I would have thought. I had imagined it would be bulky and difficult to park, but it was smooth and curvaceous and easy to control. Comfort in the Range rover Evoque SE is also paramount – with soft leather seats that can be electronically adjusted and plenty of space for legs and head both in the front and back.

Range Rover Evoque SE Range Rover Evoque SE

Puddle lights operate when the doors are opened or when the unlock button is pressed, projecting an illuminated graphic on the ground to light your way as you step out or in. This handy feature is great for when you are looking for the step up in the dark and to also spot your car when walking through a car park at night.

Spec wise, the Range Rover Evoque SE is packed with cool gadgets and features – we needed a week to explore them all! From automatic rain sensors to automatic parking, heated seats and a great sat nav screen it had all you can possibly want. The self-park feature was also super impressive – drive along and it will find a space, then you just have to control the pedals and it controls all the steering! For someone like me who always likes to park next to at least two empty bays or in a space large enough to fit a truck, this was great. A glass roof was also a great touch. It didn’t open (which would have been nice) but it was great for letting in extra light when driving, plus with air con as powerful as the car had, when the sun shines it’s better to stick with that than the humid outside air.

Range Rover Evoque SE Range Rover Evoque SE

The handling and drive was also undeniable smooth. Bumps on the road were absorbed, steering was effortless and there were no jerky movements on stopping or pulling away.

The Range Rover Evoque SE offered us all we could want in a car and so much more. It was luxurious and efficient, aesthetically pleasing and also exciting to drive. It encapsulated the core concepts of driving and made everything better, enhancing each and every experience as we cruised along. The hardest part was giving it back at the end of our road trip! We couldn’t recommend the Range Rover Evoque SE enough and when looking for our next car, it’s sure to the the forefront of our recommendations.

Find out more about the Range Rover SE here


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